Acekard 2i Review

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    Acekard 2i Review

    Acekard2i is an amazing flashcart that is indeed compatible with the latest 1.4.1 DSi firmware. It is compatible with all current DS's(phat, lite, (i), and i XL). Acekard offers near 100% compatiblity for commercial roms and seems to have a very high hombrew compatibility rate.The Acekard 2i is the ideal cart for people who just want to play games. The famous AKAIO gives online cheat updating, Wii Connectivity, Auto Anti-Piracy Routines, Save Slots, and much more.

    Acekard 2i's official features list:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Packaging and Contents

    Box Contents
    Acekard 2i slot-1 cart x1

    The box just like original Acekard2 box except for the "DSi Compatible" sticker on it
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    The box is made with hard cardboard that can be opened via a small flap. The cart itself is on a thin plastic film. Due to the very slim box and plastic film, it is hard to crush and if it does it will cause no serious damage to the cart.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    My only complaint is the lack of a card reader.

    Flashcard Design

    The cart is grey with a silver sticker on it proudly stating that it is DSi compatible(first one [​IMG]) The cart overall feels very sturdy. I have the current kind which has no protruding chip. The new acekard also only has 2 teeth on the side of the farthest contacts to help the cart align the contacts. The plastic is glued together so taking it apart is not a good idea. The one with all the teeth is very old and hard to find and likely to be a fake. The microsd slot is spring loaded. People have reported broken springs but i have yet to encounter such a problem. The springs work with a firm push though it is not advised to use it.


    AKAIO provides a powerful OS with very many features.

    Official Features:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    You can up to 9 save files for the same game

    It has pretty good Slot2 support. It automatically detected my EZ 3in1 for the opera browser and can boot gba games directly.

    The skins can be very detailed and even animated as seen here

    It can update cheats and loaders via WIFI

    Support various AR cheat types

    You can use custom icons for your games and file extensions


    Animal Crossing: Wild World - Pass
    Bomberman Land Touch! - Pass
    Lunar Knights! - Pass
    Mario Kart DS - Pass
    Mario Party DS - Pass
    Nintendo DS Browser - Pass
    New Super Mario Bros. - Pass
    Pokemon games - Pass
    Scribblenauts - Pass
    Tetris DS - Pass
    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - Pass

    Comicbook DS - Pass
    DSNotes - Pass
    Mario Paint Composer DS - Pass
    World of Sand - Pass
    DSx86 - Pass
    Flight from the Dark - Pass
    Operation Libra - Fail
    Quake2DS - Pass
    QuakeDS - Pass
    StillAliveDS - PassDSOrganize - Pass
    GBA Exploader - Pass
    Wolf3D - Pass
    Bunjalloo - Pass
    Colors - Pass
    Moonshell2 - Problems (U cant use soft reset)

    As you can see very high compatibility


    It is very easy to see why this has made itself one of the top flashcarts.
    I recommend this to anyone who just plays games and has a DSi

    Cheap $14 average price
    Awesome AKAIO
    Wifi Updates
    No need to patch
    Auto DLID
    Slot 2 support
    Custom Icom
    Powerful OS
    High Compatibility

    No Premium Features(Real time Save, Slow motion, Free Cheat, In Game guide, etc.)
    Is nothing without AKAIO
    Suffers from contact issues(hit/miss)
    No microSD card reader included

    My first review
    Please tell me if there are any errors
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    Ugly Review.

    I don't like it.

    Please, make some paragraphs.

    Don't make a bunch of broken sentences.

    Add some more detail.

    Add pictures to make it look better.

    Give more information.
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    Yeah, not to be mean, but I agree with the above poster. I would be nice if you went into some detail and gave some of your own thoughts about the cart as well, but this is definitely a start! I'd say make some paragraphs explaining what sets it apart from other carts, and the build quality, etc.
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    Sorry but it is not a good review, its like you made it in ten minutes. am maybe you like your style but its to simple, you will need to get a bit more in detail about everything. Post some pics and maybe even make a video! And try to use

    CODECode boxes etc.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    just try to hold it simple and detail-full.

    But since it is your first review, I should not be to hard for you. Advice: look at the official reviews.
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    i will try harder next time
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    does the acekard2i work on the dsi xl? because i have heard some talks that it doesn't
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