Acekard 2i confusion

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    Hi, so I purchased an Acekard 2i from Ozmodchips and I've been reading in different places that you need a DS/DSi to update the Acekard 2i in order to get it working with a 3DS.

    Is this true? I thought it would work without doing anything to the card

    thanks [​IMG]
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    I'm pretty sure that if it's NOT 3DS compatible out of the box then you'll have to do that.
    In the upper left of the photo it says 3DS compatible. If this is what you receive then there should be no problem.

    There's actually a big thread about this somewhere... I'll try to find the link since it provides more info.

    Look around in here if you need more info. Everything you need to know should be in that topic.
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    It depends if its pre-flashed or not. You'll know if it's pre-flashed if it shows "Dorasu" when inserted in the 3ds. If nothing shows, you need to flash the cart's NAND on a DS or DSi.

    This is the update file if your card isn't pre-flashed:
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    Sep 15, 2008
    phewww, luckily I have my DS Lite somewhere around haha.

    thanks guys [​IMG]
  5. s4mid4re


    Apr 2, 2011
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    that depends on the website you bought from; if they opened up every unit and applied the update or they already have 3DS compatible ak2i, yours should already be prepared for 3DS.

    I looked at the website you've provided to us ( and it claims this:

    If you've placed your purchase after March 29, 2011, then it's 3DS compatible... if not, you'll have to flash the firmware with the updater on a phat DS/DS lite/DSi(XL).

    1. Load any cart on your DS/DS lite/DSi(XL)
    2. load the ak2ifw_updater_3DS_v1.nds
    3. without turning your DS off, exchange to your ak2i (if you didn't run the updater on an ak2i)
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    Feb 28, 2011
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    I'll mention again, theirs work out of the box on 3ds. You just need to throw the akaio files on it.