AC:WW Corrupted friend roster

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    Jan 14, 2009
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    I've been trying to work a way to get "items on demand" in AC:WW, using cheats on my R4.
    I looked around and found some other inventory slot codes:
    slot 1:
    121D88FE 0000XXXX
    slot 2:
    121D8900 0000XXXX
    slot 3:
    121D8902 0000XXXX
    slot 4:
    121D8904 0000XXXX
    slot 5:
    121D8906 0000XXXX
    up to... slot 15:
    121D891A 0000XXXX

    etc. So I used r4cce to set each item slot to have a unique key-pad activation, so I can
    get 15 different items on demand.
    First, I found out that alot of the activation key combinations don't work on R4. Next, I found out that
    some of the inventory slot codes point to my friend roster, NOT my inventory!
    They are putting corrupted listings in my friend roster, and I can't delete them!
    Sometimes the listings come up as "unconfirmed", orange triangles. Some have long names with symbols
    and are "confirmed", green circles.

    I tried putting 5 items in the first 5 slots, and setting them to one combination that I KNOW works, L+R. When I press L+R I get 5 items in the top 5 slots. Great!
    But if I try to do ANY other combination, or any slots past slot 5, it adds junk to my friend roster.

    Any help would be appreciated. Also, if you know how to clear a friend roster using AR or a .SAV editor, please tell me how!
  2. Clintorion

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    Jan 14, 2009
    United States
    Ok, the problem MIGHT be that I just have no idea how to do key-pad combinations on R4CCE084.
    I have all other buttons set to "pass-over", gray boxes, then L+A as the first 5 slots, L+UP as the next 5 slots, L+DOWN as the last 5 slots.

    I got slots 6-10 to work when I set them to L+B, but for it to work, I had to press L+A+B. What the heck is going on? lol