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Jul 19, 2014
Is there any way to recover messages, images, audios and videos deleted by me from the following applications: telegram, wasap and facebook messenger?
Is there any way to modify the date and / or the writing of the messages written by me in the following applications: telegram, wasap and facebook messenger?
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Nov 21, 2005
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If the stuff was stored locally at some point then the same file recovery programs that pull your documents and whatnot back after you delete them. Telegram might be more fun as I don't know what it does.
Similarly if you can get the other parties you sent things to/got things from to send them again or from their stuff if they did not delete their side (and the service does not allow just one party/you to delete a whole thing) then that works too and is usually 10x easier.
Depending upon the court involved some of those companies might be able to pull things back as well if it is heading down that path.

Modify how? Most things will likely be server side so likely not there short of hacking the server (there is more than one reason I prefer communications methods where you control the server).
Modify for appearance. Different matter entirely. Obviously you have the normal image editing methods (you can send samples of fonts if you don't know them to online websites; do a search for font identification and you will probably get three or four main choices, if one does not work try another. Clear text on a plain background and a fair bit of it is better but I have got stuff working with somewhat unclear few characters before) but if they are web based or can be made web based then the same things that allow you to edit the appearance of websites (these days any self respecting browser will have web developer tools) will allow you to change things just by typing whatever you need. This can then fabricate things out of whole cloth as it were if you so desired. Depending upon your level of trickiness and the people you are lying to you might need to say "they were deleted but I have screenshots" as many are irrationally trusting of such things.
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