Gaming A "thing" that happens to DS-mode games on the 3DS.

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I'm calling it a "thing" because I don't know what to classify this as.
I was attempting to delete the save on my old Pokemon White 2 cartridge, and before the game booted up, I held down B, SELECT and down on the D-Pad, which deletes the save on Pokemon White 2. When the game booted, the game was displayed smaller on the screen than usual. I don't know how to describe it, so I have a picture.

It doesn't do this when I boot the game without touching anything.
I don't know if this is something that happened in past 3DS firmwares.

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If you hold SELECT or START while game is booting, it will load in native resolution. That feature was since the launch of the console.

That happens when you hold down start or select before starting up the game. It allows you to play the game with the original resolution.

I see. I just found it odd since I never had it happen before. I'm probably going to use that feature more often, though!


Hamon > Stand
Jul 1, 2010
for me i wish i can stretch any game to full screen, i hate borders. i wish i can stretch a ds game to fullscreen on a 3ds XL. because as i always say, if your ok with the graphics of retro gaming then you dont mind pixelation.

This could be really useful, but Nintendo is too damn lazy to offer a thing like that, this should have come with the first firmware on 3DS,
a option to scale the screen as it better suits you.
I like clear and polished images, but if it's to choose between a tiny crystal clear screen or a good sized one, but a lil' bit blurry,
I'd choose without a doubt the second. Not only that, but with some AA and AF it could look even better than the original.
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