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    May 16, 2013
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    You guys are probably going to think I'm outta my friggin' gourd, I know plenty are
    going to say "Why would you ever want the old flat Classic Controller back, or want
    Nintendo to do a remake of it, when the CC Pro and the new Wii U Pro controller are
    so much better than that old flat piece of junk?"

    Well, first let me outline how I feel about each.

    Original Classic Controller:

    The good:

    •Flat, retro design mixed with modern accoutrements...
    •Had analog sticks that were nice and tight with great resistance,
    so much so that if I wanted to, I could use the analog stick in a
    2D game and never feel like it was more "awkward" than Dpad,
    thanks to the Octagon rings that kept you in the right direction.

    •Good Dpad (but not as good as the old SNES controller Dpad.
    •Responsive face buttons with a solid "pop" sound and feel.
    •Wire threaded through the bottom eliminated top weight and
    since it was conntected to a Wiimote in your lap or on your chest
    it really wasn't as big of a hindrance as people made it out to be.

    The bad:

    •Stick tops would lose friction over time resulting in less grip,
    would have benefited from ringed stick top like the Gamecube.
    •L/R were pressure gauges that nothing ever made use of...
    •zL and zR were horrid mouse clicker buttons instead of normal
    rubber tact switches like SNES and PS1/PS2 controllers.
    •Clickers for Start, Home, Select... not a big deal, but
    not the same feeling as a rubber contact tactile switch.

    Classic Controller Pro:

    The good:

    •Replaced the Slider L/R and clicker zL/zR with normal
    rubber contact buttons like the PS1/PS2 controllers.
    •Configuration of the shoulders and controller shape
    made it easier to hit the shoulders -and- hold down
    face buttons at the same time. (Think of trying to do
    a Dash / Jump while shooting in Mega Man X).

    The bad:

    •Wobbly stick tops and loose analogs with lower resistance.
    •Sticks were spaced so far apart that trying to do Y run /
    B jumps in games like Super Mario World caused you
    to bang the side of your thumb against the top of the
    right analog stick which would get really annoying.

    •YXBA buttons made smaller, no more hard "pop,"
    B button would eventually start to feel squishy.
    •Still used clickers for Start, Home, Select.

    Wii U Pro Controller:

    The good:

    •Replaced the Select and Start clickers with rubber tactile switches... finally.
    •Has a better Dpad than either the first CC, or the CC Pro (but pales in
    comparison to the new Dpad that's on the Wii U Tablet / Gamepad).
    •Adds "click-in" capability to the analog sticks like PS2/PS3 sticks.
    •Is completely wireless, connecting via Bluetooth.

    The bad:

    Isn't able to be used with the Virtual Console....
    (the Virtual Consoles are separated, so each type of
    controller can only be used on its respective mode).
    •Inverted stick and button placement makes
    holding down the Y and B and hitting the
    shoulder triggers a tad more difficult...
    (again, think MMX Dash / Jump).
    •Shoulder buttons don't feel
    as good as the CC Pro's.

    •Octagon Rings were ditched... probably for 3D games
    (I've played Bastion which has more than the 8 directions
    using the old flat CC and never had any problems).
    •Analog Sticks are even looser feeling than they
    were on the Classic Controller Pro.
    •YXBA buttons feel even worse and more
    squishy than they were on the CC Pro.

    ANYHOW, now that I've got all that out of the way...
    Why I think Nintendo should remake the flat Classic.

    Well, for one thing... the new system still allows for using the old Wiimote
    plus Classic Controller arrangement, you can use the Wii U Pro controller
    only if you're using the Wii U's VC mode, and you can only use the original
    Classic Controller if you're using the "Old Wii Mode" for Virtual Console,
    so remaking either the wired model or a wireless version would be possible.
    This console is going to be around for a while, and since the CC Pro came out
    somewhere near the mid-end of the Wii's lifetime as an alt to the old "flatty,"
    I figure it's not a big leap to think they'd do another remake of the CC...

    The Classic Controller Pro has its weaknesses, as does the Wii U Pro,
    as I pointed out above... Sure, the more "hardcore" retro game fans
    could go drop $85-$100 on one of those snazzy, rare, limited edition
    Super NES controllers that plug into the Wiimote, but very few people
    can afford to do so and supply of those is bound to dwindle over time.

    Personally, I think it would be fantastic if they made a "special
    edition" put out a new retro-fied model of the Wii U Pro controller
    that would be more focused on the Virtual Console, but still be
    able to be used on the modern games.

    Anyways, here's a stupid little diagram I put together of what a
    remake of the Classic Controller could look like. I also posted
    this to Nintendo's official forum, which they keep saying "is only
    for tech support" guess the days of Nintendo communicating with
    their fans about ideas died with the old original Nsider forums.
    If you think this concept could work, please by all means, send
    a personal email to Nintendo Customer Service, and maybe,
    just maybe we might see this fantasy become a reality...
    ****flame shields up****

    [email protected]
    If you do send an email, please reference my image:


  2. nukeboy95

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    Aug 24, 2010
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    or get the "Retro" feeling with this
  3. FlatWiiCCFan

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    May 16, 2013
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    I already have the Mayflash adapter, and that actually comes in a housing.
  4. libertyernie

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    Apr 6, 2011
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    Most games that work with the Pro Controller also work with the Classic Controller (including all the Wii U VC games and some others like Mighty Switch Force.)
  5. FlatWiiCCFan

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    May 16, 2013
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    Sorry, I read elsewhere that the Wii U VC and the Wii VC were separate. In other words, you can't the other's peripherals. So no Wii U Pro controller on old Wii VC, and no Classic + Wiimote on Wii U VC. And either way, that's not really my focus... see the image in the initial post.
  6. blaisedinsd

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    Dec 6, 2012
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    You can use Classic + Wiimote on Wii U VC.

    You are correct they are separate, none of the Wii specific stuff will work with Wii U specific stuff but the Wii U does support the Wii stuff. The Wii U VC supports all controller types basically and lets you configure the buttons any way you want.....very nice compared to the Wii version that often forced poor button mapping.
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