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    Nov 23, 2008
    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some opinions for a computer sound system.

    Thing is, I'm not sure what I should be paying for them. An audiophile will recommend something in the thousands of dollars, someone else might tell me that all I need is $20 speakers. So I'd like to know what you think, what's a reasonable amount to be paying for them?

    Additional things I'd like to have some input on:
    Is surround sound worth it? (Alternatively, is it better to get higher quality stereo speakers, or a slightly lower quality surround sound set?)
    Subwoofers, how necessary are they for a good experience?
    Good brands/models?

    Right now I'm considering Logitech's z5500. But, I'm not sure I should be paying for all of that. I live in a pretty small room (uni student), so I don't exactly need my walls to be knocked down by my speakers. Or maybe I should be paying even more? You tell me, I'm somewhat clueless... (just to add, I also have a decent pair of wireless AKG K 930s. So, I'd like the sound to be comparable or better to what I get with them).

    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    Oct 24, 2002
    that actually sounds really good according to reviews, though it's a bit expensive in my liking.
    what are you going to do with that?

    if it's just for the computer and you're connecting your speakers with a regular 3.5mm jack, you dont need all this shenanigan
    even if you're going for optical you can get cheaper.

    I used to have a pretty nice 5.1 sound system that supported digital optical input, digital coaxial, regular stereo jack with 5.1 emulation, a remote, and it just cost me $100.
    the sound was quite awesome, well enough for me as i'm not an advanced audiophile.

    anyhow 5.1 is really cool yeah I love having a great sound when playing games or watching movies.
    Shame I never get to use it much, theres always something in the way: a sleeping girlfriend, annoying neighbors, etc.
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    Jul 18, 2007
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    I always listen to music, but I don't have any sort of sophisticated sound system. I use the built in surroundsound of my TV/monitor (via HDMI) and it's perfect for general use. If I want higher quality sound (or need to keep the noise down) I use my Sennheiser headphones, which I also use when going out.

    The advantage of 5.1 over 2.1 is the ability to use lil tricks in the audio to make it sound better (I won't explain it since the jargon goes over even my head). It also helps make the sound louder and more solid. Having a subwoofer gives everything more "oomph", and kinda makes you feel the music with your whole body rather than just your ears. Check with your neighbours at university (if I'm reading that right) before you get it though, because that's the kind of sound that goes through walls very easily.

    As for price... as an ex-student I ignored anything I didn't need, so I stuck with the built in sound. I'll save rigging surround sound for my room for when I've actually got the money to spend on unnecessary things.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Personally I have a set of KRK rockit 6 speakers. Perfectly well balanced low and high, although slightly lacking in the low end. My brother has Alesis DSP 820 (I think) which are just a little better (though DSP isn't that great and the sampling isn't awesome). But the question is what do you want to use em for and what do you want in audio. You can always go and listen in a store, buy them and then listen at home. If they aren;'t to your liking you can always take them back.

    Also, a crappy room --> crappy sound regardless of your speaker system
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    Apr 10, 2004
    From personal experience:

    Logitech X-530.. It's a fairly cheap 5.1 sound system... Don't really know about the quality of the surround sound since I have all speakers on my desk... but the over all quality is superb!
    I play a lot of music on loud volumes and it's all clear and has a deep bass (adjustable depth ofcourse)...... I love it, and it's not expensive at all! [​IMG]
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    Aug 20, 2009
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    this one. I've got the X-230, but a friend of mine has the X-530, and these are the best value for money speakers I've came across so far. The build quality is really good, only the volume knob is a bit flimsy, everything else will pretty much last forever. Speaking of lasting, if you keep the original box, you get a lifetime warranty (in my case that is)
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    May 19, 2008
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    hmm... if you're in Uni , or as a student , wouldn't it be best to use a headset or 2.1 speakers ? since you're in limited space, there won't be many spots to put a 5.1 speaker at ?

    but anyway , i use a Logitech X-240 , and it does the job for me ! my computer is in a corner , and the space is limited , but it has a subwoofer and it makes everything have that beat , or 'Oomph' that Originality said . go for 2.1 at the least , and if you're neighbors are alright, consider 5.1 .
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    Sep 12, 2009
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    I have had the logitech z5300's for a few years and they are an awesome 5.1 non digital setup for a computer, too bad they are not made anymore, if you could find em new still in box i bet it would be a good price but I doubt you would be able to find them [​IMG]