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    Aug 26, 2015
    Hey guys, I have a little bit of trouble here, and I'd like to ask something that might seem stupid to those with more knowledge than me. Basically, a few parts of my SD card got corrupted for some reason, and while making a full backup, I noticed that three .app files inside Nintendo 3DS\ID0\ID1\title are in the corrupted areas, so I can't make a backup of them with my computer (strangely enough, they do work on my 3DS, as the games related to them boot and play perfectly), and they are for games that a couple friends have in digital format, so my question is: Can I ask my friends to upload the .app files that I can't copy from my own SD card, or are they console-locked? I'm planning on buying a new SD card, but I'm not sure if they work on every console. If not, what can I do? Delete them on my console and download them again? I assume I have to backup my save file with something like SaveDataFiler or JK's Save Manager if I don't want to lose them.

    Also, if the 3DS is able to read the game files properly, can I somehow make a working copy of them with just the console? I'd love to save those 6+ hours of downloading the games since my internet connection is very crappy.

    Any help is appreciated!