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Discussion in 'Android' started by Cortexfou, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Apr 14, 2016
    I would like you to advise me : I am looking for a android console (if it's dual boot windows this will be the top) that I can use in portable mode and connect to my TV but I hesitate between a real portable console or take a tablet with an horizontal grip (for controls on the side like a switch, not at the bottom of the screen like a 3DS).
    In any case, I would like my new device to have the following things:
    - Recent Android and if dual boot with Windows 10
    - Quite compact (basically, not a big tablet like the wiiu gamepad but more like a vita or switch for example)
    - With 4 buttons on the front, R2 L2 and two sticks (on the console or the grip according to your advice)
    - Mini HDMI or HDMI output via USB micro
    - Quite powerful to run "current" games (I would like to emulate up to the dreamcast and play some recent games like the telltales, GTA or other portages)
    - No matter the internal memory, I'll put an SD card
    - Rootable if possible
    - With key assignment on touchscreen for games incompatible with gamepad (if it's a console or with an app if it's a grip)
    - With wifi and Bluetooth (for a 2nd controller)
    - Democratic Prize (Hello china!). Like between 100 and 200€

    Note that I will use the device only for games. So I don't care about the other features

    What do you think? What is the best choice? I hope you get me advice and thank you.
    In both cases, I also plan to buy a good android bluetooth controller. If you have pipes with that too, I'm interested.
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    I don't think what you want exists at that price. Ya gonna have to pony up more cash and even then you'll have to accept compromises.
  3. xXxSwagnemitexXx

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    Dec 7, 2016
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    Get any JXD or a GPD just google search for them. Some of the GPD's have Windows 10.
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