A few questions on Hacking the PS3

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    The only experience I have with Hacking/modding is the Wii... SO i have a few question regarding the PS3 jailbreak, hack

    1. Where do I start?
    2. What do I need?
    3. What can I do, or the benefits of jailbreaking, hacking?
    4. Will a Slim, updated to the latest PS3 work?
    5. Is it a simple as when I first started hacking the wii?
    6. Is it to the point where I backup my games to a hardrive and play from there?
    7. Will I be able to play online?
    8. Is the chance of bricking as minimal as the Wiis?

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    The PS3 scene is up in the air right now- the entire crypto system for the PS3 has been trashed and we have yet to see much more than proof of concept work at this point (we are only a few days in though).
    However there is still an earlier hack that is viable and allows playing games from hard drives (internal or external) known as the jailbreak. Still

    1) Right now you will need downgrade hardware and a compatible USB device (there are quite a few consumer devices that can be used). A nice list/intro to it all is held in the FAQ http://gbatemp.net/t251732-ps3-jailbreak-f-a-q

    Later on you should just be able to run an update from USB and your PS3 will have a measure of hacks applied (it can be done right now but it will only allow basic stuff)

    Before that gets going though you might be able to downgrade in software and apply hardware hacks.

    3) Homebrew and copied games on hard drives (internal or USB)

    4) Updates no but you can downgrade.

    5) I always contend the wii is only easy if you know what you are doing, the PS3 (or at least the jailbreak stuff) is probably easy even if you do not understand what goes.

    6) Yes.

    7) You need to be on an earlier firmware for now at least so no. When it was current yes and when it returns thanks to current events probably yes as well. I do imagine Sony trying quite hard to defend online play though.

    8) With just a jailbreak you would have to work pretty hard to brick it. Once other stuff starts appearing all bets are off.
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    In all honesty, it really looks like the best thing to do is to wait a couple of months. Development is just about to skyrocket.

    Wait out the tide, man.
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    There's an FAQ stickied for a reason.
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    tell me, when was it last updated
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    things haven't exactly changed on what we can do from then.