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  1. karupanda4

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    Jul 8, 2011
    After getting dsl and super card 2 I've had so much fun, especially when on long trips (watching movies on moonshell or playing). Lately I've found out that you can also read comics on ds (using ComicBookDS), but I havent been able to do it yet [​IMG] Because yes... sadly I'm a noob.

    What I've tried so far is (follwoed instructions in the ComicBookDS readme file) and tried different methods... but sadly, havent come up with a way to start ComicBookDS.

    Would osmeone please tell me how exactly am I supposed to start the ComicBookDS? I copied files as requested in readme.txt and tried launching the ComicBookDS though "DS_GAME" from supercard 2 menu. I'm probably doing something wrong here, what am I doing wrong? [​IMG]

    I would also like to know can I somehow add shortcuts (like Moonshell, ireader and ds_game have) to the main dstwo supercard menu? Where there is this scrolling wheel thingy.. where I can launch programs easily.

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    your questions are specificially aimed at the SCDS2, you may want to ask a mod to move your post to that sub forum.

    adding stuff to the main menu happens by adding plug-ins.

    read this: http://gbatemp.net/t229551-scds2-plugins

    with comic book ds you must first convert your comic using pictods, have you done this?

    CBDS homepage: http://cbds.free.fr/?language=en

    comic book ds passed during review testing, so i assume it still works now. make sure you convert a supported format correctly using the tools and then you can have the comic anywhere on your msd card. for testing try dropping it in root.

    -another world
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    Jul 8, 2011
    Hey Another World, thank you for reply. I have converted the comics to right format.

    The problem is launching the comicreader plugin itself. When I lanch it... all I get is a blank screen (moonshell 2 works though).

    But I would like to be able to read comics on ds as well.

    Does anyone know how exactly is one supposed to install the comicreader on dstwo? Ty!