A device for my needs... I just need your help to find it!

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Dr Eggman, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. ASUS Eee Transformer

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  2. BlackBerry PlayBook

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  3. Apple iPad/2

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  4. Apple iPhone 4(s/5)

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  5. GP2X Caanoo

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  6. PlayStation Vita

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  7. ViewSonic G-Tablet

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  8. Other (please specify)

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  1. Dr Eggman

    Dr Eggman I am THE Eggman.

    Jul 12, 2008
    Eggmanland! (Toronto IRL)
    Hey guys,

    I've posted countless threads like this in the past (lol, i like to review and make sure i buy the right thing, i'm like that).
    But finally I've got a job! So it really matters now!

    Here's the story: So I've really wanted a new toy to play with (Don't all of us want one for the little boy/girl inside of us?) and for my sister, she's been wanting an iPad/2 or whatever. I most recently fixed my cousin's laptop so i have an old laptop to play with and for schoolwork. We also just bought a mac mini, and I upped it to 8GB ram, so it's ship shape.

    Now, onto the good part. Recently i've stumbled on some ideas, like I would Like something portable (1), touchscreen (2), and a little game-y, that is, able to play NES, Super NES, Genesis and stuff with (3).
    I also would like something with (4) a webcam and mic for video conferencing/chat. I've also wanted a new phone, so that's also there; however, it might come later, and it's definitely something I can survive without. Some media functionality is a must. eReader functionality would be nice, but is not a deal breaker.

    So I've been thinking of my various options and devices i've considered. On price: Under $500 is preferable. And also easily found on the internet/Kijiji so I can avoid paying HST >_> Love the Canada!

    Asus Eee Transformer

    I like Asus, and I very much like the keyboard dock. The reviews say its the best Android Tablet. nViDia Tegra = yay. Android is good too.

    PROS: Good hardware, Good software, love the keyboard dock to mimic laptop
    CONS: I just invested to fix a laptop, 10.1 inch is kinda big to carry around, colour scheme is not that good.

    BlackBerry PlayBook

    Tried it at the store, FELL IN LOVE. I love this more than the iPad; i could see myself carrying this around. Nice display, nice shape, nice interface. Flash support.

    PROS: Nice interface, nice screen, shape is good. I think hardware is good too.
    CONS: I know NOTHING about BlackBerry (on rooting/jailbreaking/hacking etc) So for gaming and NES and stuff, i'll have to learn. I also don't have a BlackBerry to pair it with, to get the extra features.

    Apple iPad/2

    2 Has a webcam. We all know about the iPad, what more needs to be said? I am also well versed in iOS jail breaking etc so nothing new.

    PROS: Well versed in platform, lots of software
    CONS: Obsolete in ~1 year or possibly less, i want something that will last a little longer. Also, it's big to carry around. Price is higher than i'd like.

    Apple iPhone 4(s/5)

    It's got a camera, nice hardware, lots of software, as said above I am versed in iOS.

    PROS: Camera, Hardware, lots of software, well versed in platform, Bonus it's also doubles as a cell phone
    CONS: Obsolete in ~1 year, possibly less. Price might be higher, but i probably could score it under $450. Also it's kinda small. Also, getting to these devices, no tactile buttons.

    Getting to these devices...

    GP2X Caanoo

    I haven't looked much into it, but its a gaming console, got some games and emulators. Resolution isn't that high, but it is a touchscreen and got tactile buttons.

    PROS: Pocket-sized, tactile buttons, minimal media playing, open-sourced based. Great price!!! No hacking needed therefore no / less learning curve.
    CONS: Less support, as it is not that popular. Processing power is pitiful in comparison. Not smartphone OS so not as much apps/customization/etc.

    PlayStation Vita
    ViewSonic G-Tablet

    I've looked into Samsung Galaxy Tab. Me lady's stepdad has one and i tried it at the store, and with both I'm not thrilled, so feel free to recommend it but you've gotta pitch it. Someone recommended looking at Cyanogenmod supported devices, so i added the Viewsonic there. I'm not sure if the Nook B&C will do what i want [​IMG]
    Thanks for your time guys, hope I can make a nice decision.

    Mods I don't know if this is the right section, so feel free to move it.
  2. ninditsu

    ninditsu GBAtemp Regular

    May 17, 2009
    United States

    and vs gtablet

    I got one and i love the hacking i got to do to get a proper honeycomb rom on it. that's just me and the very dedicated others in the xdadeveloper forums

    but the lcd has pretty poor viewing angles. basically only the direct user can view it nicely. there are threads at xda where people are finding replacements. no luck yet.
  3. Hakoda

    Hakoda GBAtemp Addict

    Feb 2, 2008
    United States
    San Jose, CA
    Motorola Xoom shoots the iPad 2 out of the water like a submarine in Battleship. Xoom surpasses the iPad 2 in many specifications as well as pricing. The iPad 2 is $500 for 16GB while the Xoom is $500 for 32GB.

    Xoom Specs
    Xoom on Amazon

    I've heard some messed up things with the Playbook, sadly.
  4. BoxmanWTF

    BoxmanWTF ♪Toot Toot Sonic Warrior♫

    Nov 22, 2008
    Behind you
    I have an asus and it works very well as a tablet, of course the keyboard dock isn't needed but gives you things like usb connections.
    Also of course it has a Kindle app, so e-reader! ( and if you're cheap Adobe PDF viewer)
    And it has two cameras, and a microphone so skype is awesome on it!
    It's got a great media player, with some very loud speakers, but a quick access volume switch on the side
    it also has a mini hdmi output so you can connect it to an HD tv and have your own media browser/big screen gameplay
    The only thing wrong with it I can find is that it'll be hard to find a case for it, I just use a netbook case for it and it works fine though.
    all in all, it comes highly recommended, and works great for video game emus.

    You can get a 32 gb for about $499 canadian and a 16 gb for $399. But the smartest thing to do would be to get the keyboard with one of them to increase the functionality.
    I got mine at Memory Express
    Here's their site for the EeePad
    But Good luck trying to find it anywhere else retail in Canada...
  5. alex_0706

    alex_0706 darknessblade

    May 8, 2010
    maby the sony experia play/ray/ other models
  6. Originality

    Originality Chibi-neko

    Apr 21, 2008
    London, UK
    I'd go with an ASUS Transformer or PS Vita when it's out next year.
  7. qlum

    qlum Posting when needed

    Sep 25, 2008
    The Pirate Homeworld
    having an other option in a poll on gbatemp usually isn't a good idea if you will possibly add the thing people post to your poll it is also useless if a lot of people vote for other doesn't tell anything useful. gbatemp really should have a revote option imo.