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Mar 4, 2009
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Alright, so I'm trying to get A Boy and His Blob (NTSC) to work. Here's my stats!

System menu 4.0 U
Neogamma r6
cIOS 249 rev 13
Error 001

Softchip r44
(It says loading application but the bottom of my screen's cut off so I can't tell if it says anything, or if it's just frozen)

Softchip (prerelease, can't remember what version)
Error 002 (and I have an 002 fix on...)

Any help?
Links appreciated if there's something I may need... just cuz I'm lazy. Of course, just tell me what I need to do and I'll figure it out.
(and yeah, i posted this in the noobie questions and searched, but didn't find anything)

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    If no hefty gaming stuff should be fine
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    just get some used shit off ebay or smth for ram
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    that's what my dad's friend does
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    Don't buy used ram it's too cheap now lol
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    Yeah, it's a SoC.
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    Scripting isn't even in my job description, but it enables me to, say, take multiple hours of multiple touches to servers to run commands over the course of a month, to a few minutes and it's ready 2 days later.
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    Shell scripting is very useful.
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    For batch operations.
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    Massivley so. Glad I'm getting more experienced with it now
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    "Hey can you make this [inane change] on 50 servers?" Yes.
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    The scenario in question is to do disk erases on some storage servers at my job that have I think 12x 14TB spinners, SATA SSDs, and nvme disks. The process I'm using to erase the spinners is to kick off an ATA Security Erase in the disk's firmware, then once that's done do a dd zero-fill as a second pass.
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    These spinners take like 22h per each of those operations
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    I'll admit sometimes it takes me longer to write and debug a script that will do that for me, than it would take me to make the changes manually, but this is more fun.
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    And running it over a serial console I'd either have to spin up a dozen and a half screen sessions or just run one operation at a time
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    Wrote a horrifyingly long one-liner to do all of that - spin up a shitload of screen sessions, run these commands to it, pipe output to kmsg so it shows up in the default tty's shell, and some other shit on top of that.
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    Can't you run pssh?
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    Some day I'll write out a properly formatted shell script that lives on our firmware server or git repo and just call that, and have that handle every kind of server we run much more gracefully than my hobbled together atrocity does right now
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    pssh - nope. 1, what I'm doing gets done from our bootable provisioning environment, and you can only interface with that via serial console - we don't accept ssh connections on the servers in that state, and 2, I don't even know if our bootable environment has pssh baked into it
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    3, I've never even heard of it before lol
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    Anyway I can open serial console sessions to multiple devices at the same time, and broadcast my input to all of them (iTerm on Mac is the terminal emulator I'm using). It's just a matter of how many commands I'd have to run by hand, and how long they'd take otherwise lol
    Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy: Anyway I can open serial console sessions to multiple devices at the same time, and broadcast my...