<=9.2 3DS XL US Replacement Mainboard

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by jigglesthefett, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Does anyone know of a solid source for these? I just need a new board, I was in the process of waiting for a replacement shell to come in and my asshole of a cat decided to spill water on the board. SO, I'm just looking for a replacement board, I have everything else, yet I can't seem to find any that have any information about their current firmware version. Is there anywhere that sells these in the US?
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    I would suggest buying a new cat XL with broken screens and using the motherboard from that, but there's no way to know the version number. You COULD ask the seller when the item broke and get an estimate from there though.
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  3. SmileCitrus

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    I'd suggest finding a working one on eBay with cracked screens or a cracked hinge. See if you can tell the firmware version by the photos. If not, try asking the seller.

    I'm sure your board could be fixed though, especially if it was just water that got on it. Just scrub the board front and back with a toothbrush and >90% isopropyl alcohol, dry with a hairdryer, leave it to dry thoroughly for an hour or so, and presto change-o. Dead board revived.

    If it still won't come on, desolder this shield thing and clean beneath:

    EDIT: oops, ninja'd, haha
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