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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Hakoda, Nov 6, 2010.

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    So I use 7zip for my extracting needs but I'm wondering if its possible to change the default action from viewing the file in the 7z File Manager to directing doing the command "Extract Here". Basically when I double click on an archive,I want to directly follow through with the "Extract Here" command without the use of the context menu. Like the Archive Utility in OS X.
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    Look up the command-line arguments for 7-zip (you may need to use the non-gui version), and then go modify the open/default command (there's somewhere in folder options you can change it with much more control IIRC) to use the command-line version and add in the arguments to do what you want.
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    Personally I would "suffer" the context menu and file manager (press f9 in the file manager) but if you want

    First I should mention the still mixed nature of archives- some people provide a directory in the archive (unix style) while others do it raw (supposedly windows style but nobody pays attention to it if it is).

    Still on XP at least (other windows versions and linux might well be slightly different)-> tools pulldown menu, folder options, scroll down to your chosen archive format (7z will be first), click advanced, make sure the command you want to edit is selected (there is just one by default here but other formats can have many) and then click edit. Rydian took the rest of what you need to think about.
    If you wanted to have the option to go back you could always copy that and make a new one.
    Rinse and repeat for every archive type you car about (probably just 7z, rar and zip