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    Jan 3, 2017
    Hello everyone! I´ve been working with the hexadecimal editor HxD, trying to identify how 7th gen .pk7 files are saved. I haven´t discovered everything, almost most of the parts. Here I show you a image of the research I did.
    I did this research with a PKMN I made, a Decidueye called Phantom Hood. Now, I will carefully explain what is each part of the hex code:
    The D4 02 is his pokedex number (724), but it´s reversed. (It´ll be 2D4 or 02D4)

    The D9 00 I thought It´ll be useful, but in fact I don´t know what it represents.
    Also: those things like A5 4C and DD 41 3B BA in grey are things that I noticed they weren´t null or static, and they changed while I made changes. They might mean something, but I don´t know what.
    The 01 9B is his trainer ID (39681), but again reversed (9B01 correctly).
    The 35 60 is trainer´s secret ID (24805), but again reversed (60E5 correctly).
    The 14 2C 10 is the PKMN´s exp (1059860), again reversed (102C14).
    The 00 FC 00 FC 06 00 is the PKMN EVs (HP,ATK,DEF,SPD,SPA,SPD) that are (0,255,0,255,6,0).
    The 10 is the PKRS level, from 1 to 15 (in this case 1).
    The LONG ORANGE PART is the PKMN nickname, with 00 between every character.
    The FOUR BLUE PARTS are the attack IDs. They´re reversed but in order (ATK1, ATK2, ATK3, ATK4).
    The FOUR GREEN PARTS are the attacks´ PP amount.
    The FOUR NEXT GREEN PARTS are the PP Up increased amount (in this case 3 in both, the maximum).
    The NEXT RED PART is the current trainer name (XabiP. PRO).
    The NEXT BLUE PART is the first trainer name (also XabiP. PRO, I set them both).
    Finally, the FF is the PKMN happiness (255).
    Hope you liked this research. It cost me some days to make it, but it´s ok!
    I would thank every colaboration to follow this research.
    I think that the D9 00 (or just D9) is the iten ID which has the PKMN
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