6GB on my memory card for "System use"...

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    I have a 16GB memory card, but content manager says that 6559 MB are reserved for system use. Why is this and can I free most of that space? Thanks in advance.
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    what update you have?
    have you installed PSP games as bubbles?
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    I forgot
    Are you running any hacks on your Vita?

    System Use is, basically, the "miscellaneous" files that the Vita's OS can't categorize as a game/app/whatever. For example, for me I have 2,152MB listed as "System Use" and a majority of those are ROMs for emulators on Henkaku.

    If you are running hacks, simply clear out some of those files that you may have on there. Maybe it's PSP/PS1 games on TN-V or ARK, or like my example ROM files from emulators you might be running.

    If you're not running hacks, then the only "solution" is to backup your games and saves with CMA and then reformat the memory card.
  4. aos10

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    Apr 10, 2012
    Saudi Arabia
    I don't have any hack except for henkaku and other 5 other small app and don't have any rom,and i have 1GB of system use,i formatted my Vita and still have it.
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