60 Gb Falcon with Lite-On modding help

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    May 26, 2015
    Hello, I just purchased a used 360. It has 60 Gb HDD, an HDMI port on the back, MFD 2008-09-15 and yellow wires under the dvd-drive. Therefore I have concluded that it's a Falcon with Lite-On drive. The dash has been updated to 2.0.17349.0, which must be the newest there is. I would like to play backups directly from HDD, which might be the cheapest possible way? I mean, no purchasing of DVD-discs, an iHAS-burner (I use a laptop), and so on. I've read of xk3y, which supposedly has the ability to play games off HDD. So would I be ok with only X360USB Pro and the xk3y? I'm quite new on these and wouldn't want to buy unneeded stuff for nothing, I read the "how to mod" sticky, but I didn't catch any info on the latest dash that my 360 has.
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    You could send the drive to me, so that I can extract the DVD key (saves you on purchasing hardware you won't need in the future)
    Xkey is indeed the best option.
    It works on all dashes.