3DS XL Black screen with backlight on

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    Dec 22, 2013
    my 3DS XL had a broken upper screen.Bottom screen and touch were working.
    I replaced upper screen with new one and I got a black screen with backlight working. Sound is also working. I can use touch screen but I can't see anything.
    I placed another motherboard (from Japan),and everything works, but I need European motherboard.
    Fuses are ok (no point checking them, but I checked).
    Cables are also in place. I guess it won't turn on with loose ribbon cables. I placed them 5 times.
    Now,I see some people are complaining about BSOD. I tried holding power button with no luck. 3DS is in a normal home screen, when turned on, so it's not stuck in standby.
    One thing also-this 3DS had a first time run screen. I bypassed it watching on youtube where are the buttons.
    I can't say which version is it.
    I was thinking maybe to reflow a CPU/GPU...
    If someone knows what can I do, that would be great.