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    so has anybody tried to use the dns server trick to put video on there 3ds ,the one in the cherryduck ,post
    but then try to gat it to load an expired video by backdating the 3ds to an earlieer date ,like before the video expired?
    i am wondering if this would work

    also on an unrelated sidenote

    is anyone disappointed that there is no special edition hardcover guide for the 3ds OTT?
    i have the other 3 special collectors guides for the TP , PH ,and spirit tracks games, and i love the look of them , i was planning on getting the ones for the 3ds version of OOT and for skyward aword ,and wondering what color that they would be, i was thinking red for spirit tracks, not sure about oot, black maybe?

    but anyways , i am really disapointed to see that they have not made one of those special collectors eddition guides in the same style as the other 3 for this game ,and that they probably wont have one for skyward sword either ,it would have been nice to have all 5 of them on my bookshelf together
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    seriously? nobody?
    now im pissed they took away the only video on there that was any good, the ok go ,all is not lost video
    for same gay ass moulinyan video ,now we have that the stupid nintendo video "video" thats just all text
    and the lame glee trailer and next level hugs, could it get any gayer , its like the homo trifecta ,jason derulo , glee and next level hugs, uucckk

    i want my ok go video back =(

    you mean to tell me that nobody has experimented with the cherryduck tutorial and tried using an out dated expired video and tried to backdate the 3ds to see if it will work?

    im gessing it wont work when you turn off the internet and go away from the server either,im guessing it dont keep a cache of the video on the sd and play it from there , it has to stream it every time ,which also sucks ,i wish we could load the videos we want then turn off the wifi and play them whereever we are ,not have to be near our pc running a simulated server

    this thing is begging to be hacked

    and why cant they only have 4 videos at 1 time that is so lame, and why not just store them on the sd in a cache ,this stupid thing has to keep downloading them every single time
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    This has been answered twice in the comments on my tutorial. Expired videos will not work, regardless of the date set on your 3DS.
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    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
    This made me laugh. A lot.