3DS or the XL

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  1. SilentFreya

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    Aug 27, 2011
    I'm about to buy an 3DS or an XL but I really want an XL because the screen is much bigger and I heard that the AceKard 2i can't play 3DS games but will it ever be able to play 3DS games in the near future if not im gonna buy an XL but I do wanna buy a 3DS if it could play 3DS games in the future and I also heard that Nintendo can brick your 3DS if they find you doing illegal stuff....
  2. AlanJohn

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    Jan 6, 2011
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    I cant believe you said all that in one sentence...

    Get a 3DS, please. It will get hacked soon.
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  3. CollosalPokemon

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    Oct 18, 2009
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    XL's are *snip* to all my friends and I.
    No. AceKard 2i is 99% likely to never run 3ds games, just like all other DS mode kits (and DSi mode flash kit iEvolution). Even if it was possible to update AceKard 2i/Other flash kits to run 3ds games then more than likely flashcart makers won't because they want more $$$ which they can get by making a new cart and selling it for a pretty penny if it is 3DS game compatible.
    Bricking rumour is known as false currently. No one's 3DS has been bricked by DS/DSi flash carts yet, and Crown3DS claims no bricking on their 3DS mode cart, although their reliability is questionable because they are a brand new team.
  4. chris888222

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    Oct 11, 2010
    First things first:
    Acekard runs on the 3DS
    Acekard 2i can never, and (99.9%) never will, play 3DS software

    If you are just going for DS games, then I'll say XL.
    But if you are keen at some 3DS games, then 3DS.
  5. FireGrey

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    Apr 13, 2010
    Definetely go with the 3DS, so you won't have to get one later.
    They are the same price (infact i've seen the 3DS cheaper than the XL)
    But 3DS does same as XL and much more.
    XL is just a DSi with larger screens, the larger screens aren't that much better.
    It isn't higher quality, it's just large and the pixels get stretched.
  6. Another World

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    the xl's lager screens are much better. after using it you will never use the lite again, and you will find the 3ds to be rather small. the xl's screens make all the difference if you are into homebrew but as they are the same resolution it won't make games look any better. the xl's screen does not stretch pixels, again it is the same resolution.

    i love my xl, use it every day, where as my 3ds sits in a drawer. i'm sure once some good software comes out for the 3ds i'll use it more, but right now i'd rather enjoy my two 8gb cards stuffed with homebrew on the xl then on the 3ds.

    there is always assumptions that the 3ds will have some easy exploit like the wii had. it might happen but realistically the 3ds will likely not be fully hacked anytime in the next few years. the dsi hasn't even been fully hacked, just a few dsi-mode exploits, and the dsi had some very talented people working to hack it.

    lets clear some stuff up as well. nintendo can not brick your 3ds if you use a flash kit. the ak2i will never be able to run in 3ds mode, its a ds mode flash kit.

    i'll have to agree with what was said already... if you want to play "3d" games and use the eshop then grab a 3ds. if you want to stick with ds-mode, dsi-mode, dsi-ware, and homebrew, then get an xl.

    -another world
  7. boombox

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    Sep 29, 2008
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    Get the 3DS!
    As people have posted, some flashcards work on it so you can still play all the DS games you want, but the games are quite pix-elated compared to the DS..which I personally find unplayable. You should check out youtube videos or try out a DS game in a 3DS at a friendly game shop near you to see if it's something you could live with..otherwise the DSXL is for you.

    However loads of great games are finally going to surface for the 3DS this November (again - finally!) so you'll have a larger choice of games (as for me I wish I didn't buy my 3DS till now..screw the Ambassador rubbish, but that's hindsight). It's now cheaper, you have one more choice of colour and a lot of the games have been reduced in price (check online stores) you can even buy them 2nd hand already.
    So, why not? :)
  8. flygon12345

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    Jun 28, 2011
    i say the 3ds....xl is good for now but for the future 3ds is great
  9. omgpwn666

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    3DS for sure, waste of money to buy a system that will die out soon. 3DS has Mario Kart, and Mario Land 3D, Starfox, and Ocarina of Time and virtual console. Plus it's fun to play some AR once in a while. Feels better to game in the future anyways.
  10. nbvcxy206

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    Jul 27, 2006
    DSi XL offers the best DS experience.
    The screen is not only large but also brighter and more colorful.
    Directly compared to the 3DS screens anyone would prefer the XL ones.

    Playing 3D games is fun, though there are not many 3D games out yet, and
    the games overall quality is average. 3DS is cheaper than XL now but the games are
    more expensive.

    For people with lesser money I would advise to buy a DSi XL.
    People who love gadgets, the newest technologies and want to be the first ones,
    I would advise to buy a 3DS, if they can afford not only the console but also the games.
    And if money doesn´t really matter, buy both, they are a nice combo.
  11. Zerox8610

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    Mar 19, 2010
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    ..... They're the same price pal.

    Buy a 3DS. Don't even consider buying last generation technology. You'll just be mad at yourself in a few months when they discontinue the DS line.
    Like they always do......

    Buying an XL now would be like buying a Gameboy advance when the DS lite came out.... They're on their way out. 3DS is on it's way in. I suggest you spend your money wisely and buy the superior technology.
  12. Hyro-Sama

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    Oct 25, 2009
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    Can the two systems really be compared? One is outdated and one is current. It's like comparing the PS2 to the PS3, IMO.
  13. nbvcxy206

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    Jul 27, 2006
    Maybe in your country but not where I live:

    3DS Aqua Green 147,99€

    DSi XL green 159,95€

    But local shops offer DSi XL for ~ 180€ and 3DS for ~ 140€ and we even have a bargain here right now at 129€ !!!!

    I´d say the 3DS is not current, yet. It will be, but right now you probably won´t just play 3DS games on your 3DS since the choice is so poor.
    I think you can compare them as long as you exclude the 3D part. But it seems the topic starter just wants to make a decision what console to buy....
  14. Algernon

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    Sep 11, 2011
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    It's the newest system, therefore it's current. It's the most current.
  15. steve1974

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    Oct 15, 2011
    Snag the 3ds, its an impressive little system. Plus it still can play all the ds games and most flashcards still work perfectly with it in ds mode. Its a no brainer really..
  16. syfyTy

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    Apr 11, 2011
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    ..... They're the same price pal.

    Buy a 3DS. Don't even consider buying last generation technology. You'll just be mad at yourself in a few months when they discontinue the DS line."

    .....not necessarily.. I stil play my GB micro and it's awesome.... I have 6 games that don't look or play as good on any other system.

    As for me I own a 3ds, dsi, and XL and I can not part with any of them... Playing Mario Kart, Okamiden and Sonic Sega racing on it (XL) all big and beautiful, is an experience not to be equalled. on anything else... flash on 3ds is tiny appearing and a bit hazy IMO, then again I'm older...

    For reasons I won't go into I kinda hope they don't hack the 3ds... (my conscience not involved here)

    if I could only have two I'd take the XL & 3ds, if only 1? The XL.
    Not all games show the pixelation, it is definately brighter, sound is higher volume (for Music type games) and IMO is better built (less likely to break when man-handled... (based on my own use for that last statement, no real fact there...

    Try playing "Rooms The Main building" on anything else but an XL.. good luck with that!

    I guess everyone has there own preferrences based on thier own use and needs. (there are many more good games announced by companies that are not listed on Nintendos sight or gamestop, for games that will show up on 3ds though. I personally feel the 3ds will come really close in popularity to the DSi/DSL... in the long run... Nuff said...
  17. jimmyemunoz

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    Feb 23, 2009
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    I just had the same problem 2 days ago, 3DS or DSi XL? I learned after reading 3DS reviews that the 3D technology is useful in only some games, and it really needs to be dialed up and down depending on which part of the game your playing or off completely due to headaches. I know 2 people who have the 3DS and they keep 3D off all the time due to these facts. It's not too difficult to see that this headache problem is widespread. Nintendo has never had a console handheld drop in price as quick as the 3DS. Maxconsole reported today that Nintendo will have an announcement being made Friday Oct. 21st 2011 regarding the November 3DS update and it's something that could not be revealed at the Pre Tokyo Gaming Conference. Two rumors are that the 3DS might take another price cut due to its poor sales or Nintendo might add the shoulder buttons and extra circle pad to the 3DS instead of the cradle add-on. In my opinion the 3DS is great but the DSi XL is better for me because I don't need headaches and if I'm just going to be like others and turn the 3D off then what I have, in my eyes, is a wider DS Lite. I hope that helped you original poster. :)
  18. SpaceJump

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    What you forget is that the 3DS has more horsepower than the DS. It's the DS's successor even with the 3D left out. It's Nintendo's newest handheld and not a DS iteration. Take a look at games like Resident Evil and you see that the DS could never do such graphics.

    I traded my DSi XL for a 3DS and never regreted even considering the XL's big screens.

    DSi XL: Only DS games on big screens, no newer games like Mario 3D and Mario Kart which are around the corner
    3DS: DS games AND 3DS games

    You choose ;)
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    I don't understand why people are saying that you should get the XL. It makes no sense... The bigger screen? Okay... then what? No good games on the 3DS? Does that mean that you shouldn't get one anyways? Most flashcarts will work on the 3DS. Seeing as how the 3DS is backwards compatible with the DS, PLUS you get to enjoy a little more variety of true 3D games.. I don't see why there needs to be an option. 3DS FER SURE!