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    Hi. While we all know the models the Nintendo 3DS family have, what about the hardware revisions? Its not uncommon for Devs and manufacturers to revise the internal hardware, to fix problems or make it cheaper to produce. Nintendo did something like this with the Wii, despite being a sucessful console, they removed GC retrocompatibility.

    Talking about the 3DS, which have retrocompatibility to this day with NDS and DSiWare titles (and ARM7 for GBA titles), is there such thing as "the best" 3DS hardware? Anyone ever found any problem with these old games on newer 3DS models?
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    Ninty hasn't really done any real hardware "revisions" just a direct upgrade with the new 3ds. pretty much the best experience would be a new 3ds they're all basically identical. New 3DS will run you everything just as well as the original in terms of GBA and stuff plus the added bonus of more processing power.
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    There is at least one very, very minor hardware revision I know about (old 3DSXL):


    Look at the pictures of ‘Step 12 (IR Board)’. On this photos the infrared is clearly on a removable, separate small circuit board. One of the comments says: “In my 3DXL, there was no IR board: the parts were installed directly on the motherboard.“

    I can confirm this. The son of a friend dropped his O3DSXL, the upper LCD broke (worst case!) and he came to me: “Sina… please repair it! Sending it to Nintendo is sooo expensive.” So I had to disassemble the whole thing (oh I cursed so much)… and the IR was part of the motherboard. This could potentially save a few cents for each unit in production, but makes replacing the IR hardware a lot harder (if you are not going to swap the complete mainboard).
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