3 Beeps while playing games from HDD

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    Aug 9, 2018
    Few days ago I jailbroken my Ps3 and installed the newest version of rebug with multiman. When I'm playing games from disc then everything is working okey. Yesterday I tried to play game which I copied form my USB to HDD drive. Everything launching normal but when I started playing I heard that console is making some kind of beeps. Like those when powering on or inserting the disc but there were 3 of those beeps every one or two minutes.
    At the beginning I thought it's someting wrong with temperatures and console is overheating. Thats why it gives me those beeps sounds. But then I checked temperature and it was someting about 64-67°C on both CPU and GPU. When I'm in game menu then there is no problem so it's like console is making those beeps only under load.
    What's improtant, when Im playing games form disc then everything is okey, temperatures are the same like when playing games from HDD and no beeps.