3.4U, WiiKey, LU31 and USB Loader?

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    OK, have had my Wii for a couple of years, had to update the WiiKey for Super Mario Galaxy. All has been good. Last week I bought a Motion Plus and Tiger Woods, that updated my console to 3.4U. Home Brew channel is installed and I assume working

    Now it is USB loader time! Bought a Toshiba 320 USB drive and getting ready to do this. This is the steps as I understand them. If you could please look them over and let me know if something is wrong, out of date or there is a better way of doing something, I'd appreciate it.

    Step 1: Downgrade to 3.2
    - Install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
    - Install cios_fix.wad
    - Run IOS Downgrader
    - Run Custom IOS Downgrader
    - Follow the prompts, install Version 3.2U

    Step 2: Upgrade 4.0U
    - Install BootMii (with Home brew and DVDx, I guess)
    - Install cIOS36_rev10-Installer
    - Run Waninkoko Firmware Updater v4.0

    Step 3: USB Loader
    - Run Waninkoko's USB Loader
    - Run WiiCoverFlow (???)

    Do I have to install Patched ISO60? Have been reading forum and didn't know how the wiikey fits in, assume it doesn't

    Edit: Ok so without waiting I jumped and did it, things happened in a different order than I had assumed, ie the first thing that happend was BootMii loaded, but none the less they are done.

    I assume its the DVDx that makes my drive sound like its going to break, before that it was much quieter...