2DS XL Capture Card Mod?

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    I've been extremely interested in streaming 3ds gameplay and I've seen different methods on how people do so. So far I've tried connecting with Snickerstr however I notice it caps out at about 25-30 FPS with no audio output. I've seen videos of people using their 3DS to stream straight into their computer via a microUSB port hardmodded into their 3DS running at seemingly 40-60FPS and I'm super interested in being able to do it myself. So my questions are:

    Is installing a capture card really difficult or too difficult for someone with little t know soldering experience?
    Can I buy the capture card board online?
    Are there guides available to follow where a noob could learn to do this at home?

    I understand that may be a cheaper alternative to just use snickerstr and eat the FPS loss, however this is more of a learning experience for me than it is about just wanting to stream with good quality.
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