1-10 How would you rate Current Gen Consoles? II

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Ace Gunman, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Ace Gunman

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    Alright, since I had to close the first topic due to mass off-topic console war discussion, I'm restarting it for those who were enjoying the friendly give and take of opinions. So, how would you rate the current generation of consoles on a scale of 1-10? 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest. And if anyone turns this into a console war argument, flame war, or any variation there-of, I'll start handing out warns. [​IMG]

  2. science

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    Jun 9, 2006
    PS3 - 4/10 - has potential, but thats all it really has as of now.
    X360 - 9/10 - great system, I`ve been playing mine very often as of late, hoping I don`t get RROD (fingers crossed)
    Wii - 6/10 - Some good games, but the crap being released for it is really bringing it down
  3. sekhu

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    Feb 14, 2007
    Wii - 6/10 - Poor bad games to good games ratio, poor online, most games use a tacked on wiimote control system that fails, not much in the way of quality third party support, surviving on tried and tested franchises, little original content, may only have mario kart and SSBB for 2008 must-haves

    360 - 7/10 - Excellent games library, great variety and quality of titles, excellent online features, good third party support - loses points for RROD and having to pay for online features, will continue to remain strong in 2008

    PS3 - 2/10 - No must have games at the moment, lacking in a decent games library, mostly ports at the moment available on 360 as well, not many exclusives, excellent and robust hardware, powerful and modern features, free (though lacking in content) online functionality. Sholdl have a good 2008.
  4. MC DUI

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    My original comments from the other thread -

    I own all three.

    Xbox360 - 8/10 (Would be higher but RRoD sucks)
    PS3 - 5/10 (Hurry up and get some games already)
    Wii - 6/10 (Enough with the PS2 ports and mini games)
  5. Veho

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    Apr 4, 2006
    As I said before:

    I'll disregard the price.

    PC: 10/10
    It has all and does all. It pretty much rules. Upgradeable, always cutting edge, has more developers working for it than any other console, has all genres you could imagine (and more), backwards compatible, future proof. Has it all. Games don't have to be dumbed down to adjust for lower resolutions and fiddlier controls that consoles have (*cought*RTS*cough*). The only downside is that you need upgrades relatively frequently, and that's the fiddly part. Another downside would be the many thousands of dollars required, but I have disregarded the price so that point is moot [​IMG]

    Xbox 360: 7/10.
    Huge library of games, with a growth tendency, because the console is popular with developers. Decently powerful hardware. The good thing is that since the hardware is standardized, once you make one game you know how to make dozens more. From the user part, the fact you never have to look for new drivers, new hardware, new software, makes it more practical.
    The downside... not many genres, and of those present, many are extremely ill-suited for a gamepad (FPS? Come on.).

    PS3: Hmmmm. Hardware: 9/10. Games: 2/10.
    The thing is, while the PS3 is a very powerful machine, nobody actually knows how to use it. It's like a huge alien artifact, and it will take years of poking and probing and studying to get to know it, and to learn how to make games that take full advantage of it. Current games are merely scratching the surface of what the PS3 can do, and like all scratches, seeing them makes you cringe. Very few good games (for now), but we can expect more really good ones in the future (when, and indeed if, they manage to start this monolithic behemoth to a run in any direction). Again, expect very few genres, but fortunately, the genres present are the most popular ones, so most people are set. All the console-specific characteristics present in the Xbox360 apply here, only the PS3 should last longer (we'll wait and see if it actually does, though).

    Wii: Hmmm again. Hardware: 10/10, games 6/10.
    The hardware is more than enough to make great, revolutionary games, but what the developers are doing with it is criminal. It's like a command-line-adventure-game developer seeing a touch screen for the first time, and saying "cool, now you can write commands by hand instead of typing them", and completely and utterly failing to see the possibility of a point & click system. Thinking outside of the box was never been the developers' strong point, to the point where they try desperately to follow the same old ruts even when the box has changed its shape to something completely different. "Pushing the envelope" becomes very wrong when the envelope has turned into an origami frog around you, and you failed to realize it (because you're busy pushing).
    That being said, I must add that the Wii a) does have some excellent games, b) isn't aimed at the kind of crowd that would do this kind of comparisons anyway (because they wouldn't consider getting any of the other consoles at all). The problem is the "target audience" isn't the same as "actual owners". The community of actual owners is extremely schizoid, divided into business people/your mother on one side, and gamers on the other; ones being giddy with excitement to see the character on screen respond to random Wiimote waggling, while getting stuck on higher levels, the others expecting new, revolutionary, pinpoint precision controls at lightning speeds, and not getting them, with developers trying to create games for both sides at the same time. Result: not so good. Very much so. The sooner the Wii-oriented gaming industry divides games into casual Popcap-Games-like pointer clickfests on one side, and hardcore games that use every last bit of what the Wiimote can measure/register to create wild new control schemes and provide serious gameplay that the Wii hardware is actually capable of on the other side, the better.
  6. ZeWarrior

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    Jul 2, 2007
    I'll Change my ratings from before. Anyway Ace thanks for making a new topic about it.

    PS3 - 7.5/10
    Great hardware, Nice controller, it has a handful amount of games not as many as the Xbox 360 though.

    Xbox 360 - 8/10
    Good Hardware, Great Controller ( except for the crappy D-Pad ), Has a lot of fun games, etc. Only bad thing is previous consoles didn't have HDMI and the RROD problem.

    Wii - 7/10
    Not the best hardware, innovative controller, not that many games.

    Overall their all on about the same level.
  7. Deadmon

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    Nov 8, 2002
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    PS3 - 7/10
    Hardware is top notch, lack of software however.

    360 - 9/10
    Lots of software that are enjoyable, but hardware issues are annoying. Live is great!

    Wii - 8/10
    More games than PS3, less than 360. Good controller, horrible online service, will become 10/10 when Smash Bros comes out. XD
  8. Jaejae

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    Sep 23, 2007
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    PS3 - 5/10
    Hardware is awesome, if you can look past the fact that the processor can only address 256MB of RAM.

    360 - 7/10
    Online is raep, controller is ergonomic, generally a good game library. Main problems are the high rate of hardware failure, halo, and Microsoft.

    Wii - 8/10
    Hardware is pathetic, I wouldn't consider it current gen. Game library is somewhat limited, I find it hard to think of exclusive third party games that are any good, although the good games on Wii are extraordinarily good. Developers are so determined to utilize the Wiimote that a lack of good "classic" style games has become apparent. I would like for games to be made that don't utilize the Wiimote, apart from menus that it, rather concentrating on the game itself, and not trying to find some new shitty Wiimote gimmick to stuff in.