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Luma 10.3 with Night/Light and Quick-Switchers 10.3 2022-03-24

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Luma 10.3
Redshift custom screen filter (thanks to Sono):
  • Tweak screens individually (not possible for o2DS due to single screen hardware)
  • Dimming effect for additional brightness reduction
  • Much greater range of filter customisation
  • Reapplies saved filter on awaken from sleep
  • Automatic LED suppression when filter applied
Night/Light on-boot screen filters (Sono discovery):
  • Apply custom screen filter and adjust brightness on-boot/awaken depending on time of day!
  • Access Night/Light Config and Edit Filters via Screen filters menu. Config saved in "/luma/" as "configBootshift.bin", "lightshift.bin" and "nightshift.bin".
  • Temporarily disable Night/Light time check via X button in menus. Manual application of screen filters also disables Night/Light.
Extra Config sub menu to manage optional features:
  • Automatically suppress LEDs on boot
  • Automatic cut to slot power when booted with DS/TWL game cartridge inserted. This stops DS flashcarts from leeching power when not in use. You will need to force boot into DS game cartridge by using the CIA from here, with TWiLightMenu or reinsert the cartridge
  • Automatic cut 3DS WiFi in sleep mode
  • Open Rosalina menu with Home Button
  • Toggle bottom LCD backlight from menus with Y button (also exits menu)
Quick-Switchers sub menu:
  • Quick-Switch between your preferred filters/config for DS/i games (TwlBg) and GBA games (AgbBg, open_agb_firm, Open AGB Launcher)
  • TwlBg option displays ".cxi" files from "/luma/sysmodules/TwlBg" and persists selected file name to "/luma/sysmodules/twlbgName.txt"
  • Widescreen option displays ".cxi" files from "/luma/sysmodules/Widescreen" and persists selected file name to "/luma/sysmodules/widescreenName.txt"
  • AgbBg option displays ".cxi" files from "/luma/sysmodules/AgbBg" and persists selected file name to "/luma/sysmodules/agbbgName.txt"
  • Open_AGB option displays ".ini" files from "/3ds/open_agb_firm" and persists selected file name to "/3ds/open_agb_firm/configName.txt"
  • Works best with meaningful file names e.g. "redshiftWideMode.cxi", "pixelPerfect.cxi", "lowBrightness.ini"
  • Delete the .txt file when creating new TwlBg/AgbBg patches to avoid the persisted name being incorrect
  • Option to force revert TWiLightMenu widescreen patch
Plugin loader:
  • Not CTGP-7 compatible
  • All credit to Nanquitas and PabloMK7 and anyone else involved in the CTRPF project!
  • Supports new CTRPF v0.6.0 and v0.7.0 .3GX format (header 3GX$0002) plugin
  • Not backwards compatible with .plg or old .3gx
  • Default plugin available from CTRPF thread or Nanquitas' Playground announcements channel
  • "default.3gx" goes in "/luma/plugins" directory
Enhanced brightness adjustment interface:
  • Adjust brightness of top and bottom screens independently (not possible for o2DS due to single screen hardware)
  • Option to use hidden true maximum brightness (at your own risk?)
  • Option to use hidden true minimum brightness
  • Option to switch off bottom screen backlight entirely
Software volume control interface (thanks again to Sono):
  • Accessible from System Configuration sub menu
  • Change volume in 1/64 steps without using physical volume slider
  • Volume percentage now displayed in sub menus
Permanent brightness recalibration:
  • Recalibration is applied for 3DS, DS/i and GBA modes
  • Accessible from System Configuration sub menu
  • Edit the values behind the 5 selectable brightness levels
  • Changes are saved to NAND so use sparingly to avoid wearing out the memory
  • Upper limit of 172 is found in code so it is presumed to be safe but may reduce LCD lifespan
Title specific N3DS settings:
  • Automatically launch chosen titles with N3DS 804MHz cpu & L2 cache enabled - option available in N3DS menu when title is running (config file saved to "/luma/n3ds" folder).
  • Quick toggle LEDs from menus by pressing SELECT
  • Quick toggle WiFi from menus by pressing START
  • New3DS clock/cache status visible on main menu
  • Allow Patches in the Home Menu e.g. place files from BetterBatteryColors or another example in /luma/titles/*YourRegionHomeMenuTitleId*/romfs - thank you gabe565
  • Merged in enhancements to Luma cheats system - thank you s5bug
  • Option to toggle rehid folder System configuration sub menu (folder must be disabled before loading game to not have rehid apply)
  • Thanks to Pixel-Pop: load custom logo.bin from "/luma/logo.bin" (example: rename this file to "logo.bin" or create your own).
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Latest reviews

Is there an update to Luma V11? I forgot about the custom Luma, updated to V11 and the battery started to drain with my flashcard again. Does the old 10.3 work with system 11.16.0? Thanks!
This is an excellent upgrade of the standard Luma firmware with tons of useful features. The brightness boost and auto-N3DS-clock-speed settings are my favorites.
I own an o2DS and it works well as a replacement for the original Luma3DS, allowing me to automatically disable the annoying LEDs. However, there is one major problem - the "onscreen volume controls" kills your sound. Now my volume slider doesn't work, and the only way I can see of making it work again is manually mapping every single position to a software volume value (a massive waste of time, since it worked fine before). If there was a way of resetting the volume slider to work as normally, I'd be happy.
Really Love this version, the quick switchers are Noice. thanks
It's an excellent form of luma. The only problem i've gotten so far is that the C-Stick of my new 3ds keeps disconnecting (but not the ZR & ZL) when you put the 3ds in suspend mode and reanudate it at any moment (You can solve this rebooting the console but it's annoying).
Strange, I've never had this problem before. Is it definitely only happing with this boot.firm and no others? Could you PM me or post in the thread any extra details so I can investigate please? Like, does it only happen when a game is load or on the home menu too?
Thanks a lot for every update but, can i use .plg with your luma ?
You're very welcome. Yes, you can use .plg plugins, but only via BootNTR ( &
I wish I had this sooner, mainly because of power saving feature with DS cart, could've save me some nerves
Just popped by to say a huuuuge thank you: the brightness boost is fantastic. (As long as I remember not to close my lid lol!)
I love eye-searing brightness on my consoles and this did it, reliably. Thanks!
Thanks, glad it is useful to you. Have you tried the "Permanent brightness recalibration"? That allows you to edit the values used behind the 5 brightness levels selectable from the official home menu settings. Those edited values would then be used on boot and re-opening the lid.
Definitely worth switching out the main boot.firm for, instead of putting it in the payloads folder. Lots of really useful features, particularly the ability to lower the screen brightness below 16.
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