Open AGB Launcher 2.0

CIA & 3DSx shortcut to OPEN_AGB_FIRM

  1. Stellar
    First of all a HUGE thank you to Nutez, without whom I probably wouldn't even have been able to compile That-Shortcut-Thingy. Special thanks to derrek, profi200, d0k3 for their amazing work on OPEN_AGB_FIRM and Ordim3n for his payload shortcut.

    • Follow this guide.
    • Set FastBoot3DS or GodMode9 as your Firm0, B9S won't do.
    • If using FastBoot3DS, enable FCRAM boot.
    • Download the latest open_agb_firm, rename it to "GBA.firm", and place it in the root of your SD card.
    If there's no "GBA.firm", it also looks for "open_agb_firm.firm" under "/luma/payloads/".
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