open_agb_firm .cia/.3dsx shortcut build 2020-08-09

CIA and 3DSX shortcut into open_agb_firm

  1. Nutez
    I was not involved in the development of either 'open_agb_firm' or 'That-Shortcut-Thingy'. All credit should go to derrek/profi200/d0k3 and Ordim3n for their respective projects.

    Usage instructions from Ordim3n:
    • Needs FastBoot3ds or GodMode9 as Firm0 instead of B9S
    • Note that if you are using FastBoot3ds, FCRAM Boot needs to be enabled. It is located under Boot Setup.
    The current .firm version used is the alpha release featured here. I will aim to keep this up-to-date with official releases as I create them for personal use. However, if anyone else wants to take over compiling these but with prettier graphics then please do! :P

    Note: a minor extra "feature" is that you can switch off the power LED via Rosalina before using one of these shortcuts and it will remain off after booting into open_agb_firm.
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