Horses,Barbie and others...

Today I looked over the Wii Games:

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No Questions please......

And NO....I have played with Big Jim.....

Better ask Nintendo and their Developer Companies,why.......

Who will play such Games ?
(the Same that play Cooking Games......damn.....caught). not ask what happened this Weekend please.....


...and a little more....

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Updated on Saturday,15.05.2020:


I remembered when one of my sons liked to just ride around with Epona in Ocarina of time..he was 5 years old :)
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Hysteria Hospital?! Sometimes it is better to not know of all shovelware that exists.

And so many horses. *sigh* Mercy… please have mercy. No more horses.

A certain person must NEVER see this blog entry! This would get really expensive.
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You should check out LGR on YouTube. He played some Barbie and Mary Kate & Ashley games.
Those are just some of them.
They might not be fun to play but they sure are fun to watch :P
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I've played some of the Barbie Horse Adventures games out of boredom and curiosity. They don't have much competition but they're pretty much the best of the genre. The rest.... I'm not sure if most even qualify as games.

I'll never understand why girls are drawn to horses, but maybe it's like the way boys are drawn to pro wrestlers and action movie heroes. It just fills some deep psychological need... somehow. Maybe it's best not to think about it too hard.
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Thank you @The Real Jdbye and @IncredulousP for your I have to REALLY play the Games.....:evil:

I am sorry @KleinesSinchen and I really hope your special Person never reads this Blog....really never.... *search for a very good Solution to make this Blog more visible on Google*....

As @banjo2 completely correct explained. @HarvHouHacker ,this is an Theme for the USBLoader GX Theme I made about 4 Years ago with an Background from Middle Earth - The Shire and some Lord of the Rings Music.Unfortunately I have forgotten the Name of the Tool I have used....:wacko:

@Hardline My favorite Horse was AGRO from "Shadow of the Colossus" on the PlayStation 2.

I questioned myself of this Games @JuanMena and how Video Consoles can only endure such Games.....:rofl2:

But you maybe understand why I have such Games @ChiefReginod ....:D

Thank you all for your Contributions on this Horse Blog.:D
I have play Disney Princess the Echanted journey with Original Disc. and for me, it was a nice advanture game. maybe about 6/10.
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Which do you think had the more... err... "special"... library? The Wii or the DS? :P

The DS had all of those Imagine games. I remember playing Imagine Babyz and being kind of horrified, both at the game and at myself.
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The Wii and DS both had their fair share of pet games, barbie games and the like, but the Wii had Data Design Interactive. It's hard to top that. Those barbie games might actually be fun if you're really into Barbie, or you're just looking for a game to poke fun at. But the Data Design Interactive games are barely playable, buggy pieces of shit. And not the "bad but in a funny way" type of shit either.
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Yes,exactly what I want to say @The Real Jdbye . :yay:
Do not play them, good Games.......

*tries to hide the Data Desgin Interactive Games from the USBLoader´s Menu....*
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