How are you ?

Hello,fellow Community.:)

On actual Events,I thought,I ask this Question in a Blog (Edge of Forum seemed not the suitable Place,maybe because of some other Desease.....something Polly....).

Today,on my morning Shopping,I met a Guy,who is usually a jolly and nice Fellow.
But today he seems very....yes.....depressed.
From one Day to another,from one Second to another.

Professional Diagnosis from Doctor Google: typical Corona Exhausted......:P
(Please,for Heaven´s sake,DON´T TAKE THAT SERIOUS....)

It sounds a little perverted,now we can move around freely in our Federal State,all Shops are open.....he is depressed.
But understandable.
I do not want to exclude me for this "Sickness",I know what he is talking about.......I exactly know it very,very well....

So,we talked a little about "Things" (not to try to cheer him up,such Things are useless in such Situations).
Of course,without Mask and without 2 Meters "Social Distance"...a normal Non Virus "Gossip" like before 2020.

Then we said goodbye (I think I maybe saw a Smile on his Face....).

Maybe many People do not longer want to talk about "psychological Effects and Stresses" with the "actual" Situation.
Maybe many People do not longer want to listen about "psychological Effects and Stresses" with the "actual" Situation.
Maybe many People do not longer want to read about "psychological Effects and Stresses" with the "actual" Situation.

Maybe......that is not a good Way......but........that is only my Opinion.

Have a very,very,very nice Day,my Friends.:)


i am happy most of the time
school is the maijn reason i am sad many of my friends devolved to porn loving in all really mental idiots
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It sure is easy to be depressed these days . . . but funnily, I don't remember the past being much better . . . I can tell that this is bothering you a lot though, you mention it often, please take good care of your own mental health as well :3
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Sadness is part of the ups and downs of life.
Feeling sad can prompt you to make choices that improve your life.
Sadness is not depression.
You can learn to manage your sadness.:)
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You have a very interesting choice of words. I think I understand what you're trying to say.

Yes, this whole COVID-19 fiasco that was dumped on the world last year has had some... er, "interesting" side effects. I don't just mean people getting the disease. It seems that the viewpoints, the situations, the lives of every single person who existed just before, during, and just after COVID-19, and perhaps for the rest of this year and longer, are changed forever by what we have called a pandemic.

So many questions remain, that people will ask for years to come (should the world last so long in its current state). Was it really so bad? Did the vaccines help? Is masking every person a good idea? Have we really become better through social distancing?

Everyone has their own opinions on the matter (those who follow me know mine), but regardless of what anyone believes, the fact that the virus did spread, and how each person handled the situation, had both negative and positive effects that are bound to last for a good while. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all agree that this is the case, but we each differ on what exactly was done wrong.

One thing is for sure - I'd like for it to not happen again during my lifetime, just so we all can find out what went wrong! :wacko:
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Thank you for such a nice message with this blog post, Alexander! :bow:

You're indeed a great person and a friend to keep around, sir! :D
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Man, i just need people like you in my rl, seriously
my job, my life, gave me more depressing ambience day by day :( since this endless deadly thing attack. I feel better attending my office than WFH. They like set me to work anytime, i even cant open up my account here, thanks to this fasting month, they leave me before 5 PM :(...
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