Please take care on yourself and please watch what you are eating....mainly in the Dark....

Hello my Freinds.:)

Yesterday Night,I habe a "Close Encounter of the 7th Kind"...
Maybe you know,I love to eat.

Mainly fresh,self prepared Meals/Dishes.
But also Burger King and Chinese Food and so on....

One Thing that I (thank God) can no longer live so extensively is sweet snacking.
No Chocolate,Haribo Goldbärchen and so on.That's probably better.

Sometimes I catch myself with the "smallest" snacking in the form of a Praline Chocolate or something last night.

My Wife and I were watching a Movie yesterday Night and she once again had some Toffifee,one of her Favorite

Caramel,Chocolate and Nutkernel.
Freshly opened Package and so in between I asked if I could have one.

The special Thing about this sweet is that you can suck the caramel and chocolate, so that only the nut kernel remains.
Because of the film it was of course dark and I did not see in what condition this nut was.....and ate it.

First of all, I have no Allergy to any Food and certainly not to Nuts (except maybe eating them at 3 o'clock in the Morning...)
And instead of spitting out the strange tasting Nut again,I ate it...would be a pity to not do so....

The Result:

I have still a "funny" Stomach and have the Feeling,I can puke in the next Second.

So,maybe a Word of "Warning" when watching a Movie in the Dark:

Please always check your Snack/Food/Meal.

Have a very,very nice Day,stay Well and all the Best,my Friends.
Thank you for Reading.:)


"Maybe you know,I love to eat." ...who doesn't love to eat? XD
Except people with a lot of allergies xD

But...i'm also glad to hear that you're okay.
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I too am addicted to eating xD the forums felt kina empty these past days without you, glad you are fine now :) best wishes and love from spain <3
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Was it a Toffifee?

So the moral of the story is, never just swallow the nut without inspecting it first?
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The thing is...i love to eat these nic nac-like nuts. And every now and then it happens that some of these nuts taste strange. As if there are some in there that are rotten. But how do you check all that? They land in the mouth and are snacked away.
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..only a "Advise" spit it out when it tastes strange.

..finally after 2 Hours Sleep I feel really better now.:)

The Toffifee tastes ok:

The special Thing about this sweet is that you can suck the caramel and chocolate, so that only the nut kernel remains

Until I "crushed" the Nut...:sad:

Thank you very much for all your Wishes.:wub:
Toffifee sounds like it doesn't check the quality of it's products very thoroughly. Either that, or a mistake was made. Maybe you should report to the company about your experience, and see what happens? God knows, I've run across bad food fresh from the box before.

Another word of advice - do not buy fresh bread baked in Walmart stores. One time, I got a burger bun, and it had a beetle baked inside it! Fortunately, I found it before even putting my burger together, so I threw it out before it could get eaten. That was years ago, but since I no longer shop at Walmart (and additionally my diet is predominantly gluten free), I try to buy brands that have better quality control. Store brands, especially food-stuffs that are made in-store, are usually of poor quality.

Anyhow, sorry about your "nutty" experience. :P Hope you feel better soon. Next time, go for the occasional plain ol' caramels instead of candies with nuts; we certainly don't want you feeling sick, bud!
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I think the moral of this story is... find something else to put in your mouth besides your nuts.

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