How about a little pure Negativity ?

- Covid "Traffic Light" is RED again in some Parts of Austria
- The promised "Mask requirement no longer applies in the whole trade" has not been fulfilled after all
- Rain has damaged great Parts of Austria
(not correct,it is a Result of the Damage Humans have done to the Country/Nature)
- Many Villages has suffered painfully (Many existences were destroyed)
(on the other Side - Many,many People/Companies built their "Homes and Buildings" on very,very,very cheap Places near "little Rivers and Mountain slopes" - where many trees have been felled and many green areas have been concreted over)
- Vaccinations are slowly being "forced" in many Job Areas in Austria - as not promised
(Many,many Workers are "politely advised" to get vaccinated, otherwise ...
- Means: If you want/get a new Job - Vaccination is now mandatory in many Occupational Groups - otherwise - NO JOB
- Many young People (mainly Girls) were sexually harassed and also many murdered in Austria in the last Weeks....
- Grain Harvest is very,very poor this Year in Austria.Maybe the Weather is too dry/hot.....?

Stay safe,take care of yourselfs please and
Have a very,very,very,very nice Day,my dear Community.:)


To be honest I see lots of opportunities for awful jokes that might block your blog from further replies.
Aside of that, I don't see any problem with vaccines.

Are you against it?
Isn't, "getting vaccinated to get a job" a good thing?

Also, yeah, floodings happens when there's no trees to control the weather and when society's loitering causes clogged drainage.
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The future is not getting better.It is not getting better at all. Be prepare for the worst. The people said be ready for the worst before it is getting better. No. It is going to stay worse and worse and much worse in the future. Danger is coming.
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I know very well how much you like F1, so in this particular, let's say, micro-cosmos, the sun is shining. Austria is the home of 2021 champion team!
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This is where we came back to where we started, Stupidity ........i think :unsure:

To make things clear, i meant the Stupidity of mankind.....
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As fat as the Covid-19 D, there is talk of shutting California down again. :( The variant is gaining speed in hospitalizing people. FUQ! Just when we opened up again.
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The whole "forced vaccination" is happening everywhere. I work as a psychologist, and have helped countless of people in the last years. Sadly, I have stopped taking new patients as I have the feeling I'll be forced to retire soon enough.
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