Never,never handle with Super Glue....

..and having your Glasses nearby.....

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That Thing for the Nose comes off and I wanted to fix it with Super Glue.
Unfortunately the Glue was "very" hard to get out and suddenly -> *flupp* is shots out,across the Desk and.....

.....safely on the Glasses laying in safe Distance.....

Every "Rescue Try" comes to late....

- Nail Laquer Remover
- Put it in the Freezer
- Vinegar Essence
- Oliveoil
- Vaseline

Maybe I should try it longer ? :(

Any Help would be very appreciated....
Thank you...


"Nail Laquer Remover"

That would be nail polish remover in English.

Some will work, however they are different chemicals between brands (good old acetone seems to have been switched out in favour of others for some of them and how well they work on superglue is up in the air). The usual test for acetone or not is drop some on your skin and if it feels cold then probably is that rather than most other common household solvents but some of the alternatives have similar characteristics). However acetone might also melt the plastics -- acrylics (if the plastic says PA on the back then yeah and it is popular in a lot of household goods as a strong plastic, and it is not unheard of for plastic lenses on glasses) being one of most prone of all. However if you squirted superglue across that then that itself probably merged into a nice blob such that they are done (cyanoacrylate, aka superglue, merging nicely with poly acrylate to make basically a single plastic) and at that point you get new lenses really as I don't think you will want to grind and polish those into something you wear for vision.

Assuming these is something to save then of those you tried

Freezer is mostly there to cure the stuff and possibly do thermal mismatch (glass won't shrink as much as superglue and that will break the bond between things). If you have a canned air then you can try holding it upside down as freeze spray.

Vinegar won't do much of anything really on any kind of timescale you want. It is too weak as an acid.

Olive oil or vaseline might have helped if it was there in the first place (oily surfaces tending not to glue well and all that). It is not going to penetrate under and do anything for you now.

Not sure what other household solvents or slightly better (obviously my house is basically a chemistry lab but if you mess around with vehicles, painting models, have some big boy cleaning supplies or the like then you too might be packing some fun chemicals in your abode) you might have to hand, and they also risk the plastic on the glasses (almost as though solvents are known to dissolve things).
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Thats why I only use such strong glue with an activator of some kind. Still a pain to remove, but at least it isn't hard like concrete.
Maybe try those liquid nitrogen foam things they use to treat warts to only freeze the glue after heating it up a bit with a hairdryer? COuld imagine that it could pop the glue off with such a temperature difference if freezer alone didn't work.
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I'm a glasses wearer; been wearing glasses since I became 20. I have a pair I've been wearing for four years or longer, so I should know about glasses problems. I would get new ones, but they're so expensive, plus I get uncomfortable about getting my eyes checked.

My glasses came with an anti-reflective coating, and it started to flake off. I soaked my glasses in a vinegar and baking soda solution, then carefully rubbed the coating off with a soft cloth.

I also tried other methods people recommended, but unfortunately, with one of the methods I tried, I ended up with tiny scratches on my lenses, causing fog. I found that a clear piece of packing tape, when applied properly over the whole lens, masks this fog somewhat, but I don't recommend it as a perfect solution.

I am telling you this because if you have anti-reflective coating on your lenses, you may be able to salvage the lens by removing the coating; however, be very careful when doing so. Research this carefully before attempting anything. If you can't save your glasses yourself, you may have to take them to an eyeglass repair person or your eye doctor, in order to have them fixed.
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I may need to use some sort of glue for my entertainment center. I leaned on part of the front portion and it broke off when I was trying to figure out why an hdmi device wasn't displaying video correctly.
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Warm water. Soapy. Take the glasses for a bath and let them heat up under the soapy water. Or just take a nice immersion bath and have them underwater during the bath. Or Turkish Bath.

The moisture, mixed with the warmth (not heat!) 'should' help in making the glue softer and unglue from the glasses.

Alternative one:
Slap them glasses in the freezer for a couple of hours. Let the glue freeze. Remove the glasses and try to carefully remove the glue by shattering it.

Alternative two:
Boil water. Find a way to keep the glasses over the steam With the glue part getting the most heat. Try to pry the glue off gently after a few minutes. Make a tea so your work doesn't go to waste.

Unless you have some glue I never heard of, it will come off with a combination of these. The damage on the lens, though...

Yes, I have my fair share of sticky situations.
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i had a similar problem, i bought a tripod, a part came off, glued it, it's offset, i cant fix it
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at least you're not the guy with a $200 million bitcoin wallet with only 2 password attempts remaining to unlock with forgotten password
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When one of the nose pads came off my glasses I just lived with it for a few weeks/months until it dug a nice groove into my nose. Then I bought a kit of replacement nose pads on AliExpress, picked the one that looked the most similar to the old one, inserted it and it just fits and stays in, I didn't need to glue it or anything. Hasn't come off 2 years later.
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Thank you for all your great and awesome Tipps,my Friends.:yay:
Thank you very much for all your Help.

At the End I messed it up by myself....really dumb and stupid.....
After soaking it in a Glass of Oliveoil,I have used a Sponge....but with the "scratchy" Side....
The Glass is now scratched and...that´s at 10:30 -> Optiker Termin (Optician "Date").:)

A little "Background":

I have these Glasses "take on" from my Wife before around 14 Years.
(Yes,so long no new Glasses for me,that explains maybe "some Things"..Hehehe...),
so....not really a big Loss know..
..when you get used to something...:(
Ouch! Sorry to hear that. Ich sympathisiere mit Ihnen. (I sympathize with you). I hope your optician can get them fixed for you.

(Using PROMT for German translation. Verwendung von PROMT für die deutsche Übersetzung.)
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