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    Mar 22, 2009
    hello, i am azerty1. I like to program, but i can't read japanese and i'm colour blind. so basically, the only way i can contribute to this community is by programming. which means all i can do is reverse engineer text stuff and write up tools to to dump the text and reinsert it.
    recently, i made some zoids saga tools for a translator, but he's going to be busy with other things this year, so i figured i should update my progress on this game on my own topic.

    this is the extractor.
    you will need to find some way to LZ77 decompress all the files in the /bin/script folder, since i don't have those libraries...if you plop the .exe into a folder with all those decompressed files, it'll do the job in a few seconds and leave you with a bunch of .txt files with the name, the picture number and the text.

    Ok, this is everything for now, until someone wants to take up the project.
    if anyone uses these and realizes it doesn't work, please PM me. oh, and the text inserter definitely will not work unless if you can somehow change the font into a single-byte font. consider it a test of your ability, i guess...i figured it would be useless to code it for two-byte font, since a transation would be impossible in those conditions. and it would look really ugly...
    oh, and please read the readme before doing anything. I've already received half a dozen PMs from people saying that they did everything i said and it's still not in english...
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    I'll have to try it... If it works it'll make my job 10X easier. My Zoids Saga DS project is slow coming.. But it's still going, lol. Thanks for this by the way.