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    Mar 20, 2015
    Adventuring Tip: If you get lost, try climbing to higher ground and looking around. Press down on the right stick to pull out your Scope so you can see even farther.

    Archery Tip: Draw your bowstring while jumping from a high place to briefly slow down time so that you can aim with greater accuracy.

    Battle Tip: Monsters sometimes leave their weapons lying around their camp. Sneaking up on them and stealing these items will make defeating them much easier!

    Battle Tip: if a monster is hiding behind a shield. you can bat the shield away by hitting it with a heavy sword or axe.

    Battle Tip: Monsters on the lookout in watchtowers will sound the alarm if they spot you. Defeat these foes first before they alert the others.

    Battle Tip: Monsters need their beauty rest too. If you see a group of monsters sleeping, use that opportunity to sneak-attack them!

    Battle Tip: Monsters will have a hard time detecting you if you press down on the left stick to crouch and slowly approach them.

    Battle Tip: It's dangerous to approach enemies head-on when you're low on hearts or don't have protective armor equipped. Always be prepared!

    Battle Tip: The difference between winning and losing a battle often comes down to strategy. With the right tactics, you may be able to defeat an entire group of enemies at once.

    Battle Tip: instead of throwing yourself at enemies over and over to no avail, try cooking special dishes and elixirs to give yourself better defense. extra damage, or more hearts.

    Bedtime: Sleeping in a bed allows you to sleep until morning, noon or night, It also replenishes your heart gauge.

    Bokoblins: Since they don't have much in the way of clothing, they tend to run away when bees are nearby

    Bokoblins: These omnivorous monsters enjoy not only meat and fish but also fresh fruit.

    Bomb Barrels: Shoot a fire arrow into a bomb barrel to make it explode. Tossing a burning weapon at one works too.

    Bottomless Bog: A quagmire that will draw you in...Sink in too deeply, and you'll be unable to escape.

    Burning Things: Dry grass catches fire especially easily, and that fire spreads quickly.

    Climbing Tip: When you're in a hurry to climb somewhere, you can scale a wall quicker by using X. Doing so uses up a lot of stamina, so make sure you have enough left to make it to the top!

    Climbing Tip: The stamina required for climbing increases with the steepness of the cliff. To climb higher while using less stamina, it's important to find walls that have a gentler slope.

    Cooking Pots: Cook up some wild cuisine by throwing together some ingredients and seeing what happens. You can't cook with an unlit pot.

    Cooking Secrets: If you use a lot of the right ingredients while cooking, you can create a dish with even stronger effects than if you had used fewer of those same ingredients.

    Collecting Ingredients: Ingredients have many uses beyond cooking. Collect and experiment with different ingredients!

    Cold Water: Swimming in cold water will lower your body heat and cause you to take damage. Cooked food and special garb won't help you.

    Critical Hits: Weapons that you have no use for are perfect for throwing at monsters. If one hits, it will deal double damage.

    Critical Hits: Hitting a monster or enemy in the head with an arrow deals double the normal amount of damage.

    Cutting Grass: Wildlife taking shelter in the grass will sometimes jump out when you cut down their hiding place.

    Dodging Attacks: - While targeting an enemy, execute a backflip by holding left-trigger down and pressing X. This move is useful for dodging enemy attacks.

    Falling Death: Depending on the height, you may take damage, or even die, when you fall. Be cautious out there walking near cliff edges!

    Fire Arrows: Use Fire Arrows to burn dry grass and defeat multiple enemies at the same time.

    Fishing tip: If you use X to dash while swimming, you can get up close to a school of fish before they swim away.

    Freezing Climates: Some ingredients will freeze if submerged in ice-cold water or when left out in frigid regions. There are a few ingredients that taste even better frozen.

    Guardians: A Guardian's entire body is covered in armor, so low-powered weapons won't do any damage. It's best to avoid these foes until you have the right tools for the job!

    Ice Arrows: If you find yourself surrounded by an overwhelming number of enemies, try using Ice Arrows to freeze them in their tracks.

    Ladders: Climbing ladders will not deplete your stamina. However, using X to jump up a ladder will.

    Luring Fish: Tossing ingredients that serve as bait near fish in the water will attract them. Different bait works on different kinds of fish.

    Magnesis: Use this power to lift up metallic objects hidden in the water.

    Magnesis: When you find a metallic object, you can use this power to lift it up and move it around freely, regardless of how heavy it is.

    Magnesis: Use this power to swing heavy metallic objects around and drop them on top of foes as a creative attack method!

    Making a Campfire: To start a campfire, simply set some Firewood ablaze. You can use a torch or some flint to do just that.

    More than a Weapon: Metal weapons create sparks that can be used to light a fire. Further more, if you set a wood weapon on fire, it can be used a torch.

    Nighttime Monsters: When night falls, skeletal Stal monsters will emerge from the ground. Stay vigilant!

    No Stone Unturned: Wildlife taking shelter under a rock will sometimes jump out when you lift up their hiding place.

    Pushing Objects: Barrels and boxes can be pushed around. Use this to your advantage!

    Rafts: Rafts with sails can move when pushed by the wind. Or you can get them moving yourself if you have a Korok Leaf.

    Remote Bombs: The spherical bombs will roll downhill, whereas the cube-shaped bombs will not. Make sure to use the right bomb for the landscape!

    Remote Bombs & Wind: Remote Bombs are lighter than they appear. Use the wind to your advantage to roll them in a certain direction or to blow them farther than you could throw them on your own.

    Registering Horses: Once you've tamed a wild horse, you can register it by taking it to a stable. Do this, and you'dd be able to call your beloved steed to your side whenever you please.

    Resetting the Camera: Press ZL to quickly shift the camera behind Link. If there's an object nearby that you can focus on, the camera will target it.

    Restoring Hearts: You can replenish your hearts by consuming fruits and veggies you've collected, as well as meat you've acquired through hunting. Eat ingredients raw or cook them to increase their healing properties.

    Roasting Ingredients: Throw ingredients like mushrooms or fish directly into a fire to roast them and up their health benefits. However, roasting an ingredient this way will cause it to lose whatever special effect it provided.

    Rumor has it...: Forest Spirits called Koroks like to hide in unexpected places. It is said something good will happen if you find a lot of them!

    Rumor has it...: If you see a flock of birds gathering in the sky, try searching the area beneath them. You might just find something interesting...

    Scope Tip: When you find an object or place of interest while looking through your scope, press A to place a pin on your map in that location so you wont forget about it.

    Scorching Climates: in the extreme heat of volcanic regions, wooden bows or shields you have equiped will catch fire. It's better to use metal equipment insted.

    Shield Surfing: If you jump while your shield is out, you can climb aboard it using A. This will knock some durability off of the shield, but it's an effective way to travel downhill quickly!

    Sprinting: Move around while holding B to sprint. This is useful for evading monster attacks or whenever you're in a hurry.

    Stamina Wheel: If your stamina runs out while climbing, you will lose your grip and fall.

    Stealth Tip: Crouching in a grassy field makes it harder for monsters and enemies to detect you. Keep this mind if you want to ambush enemies or avoid fighting altogether.

    Stealth Tip: It's harder to hear footsteps when it's raining...That makes it the perfect time to sneak up on some monsters!

    Strafing: If you want to move side to side without changing the direction you're facing, try moving sideways while pressing ZL.

    Swimming Tip: When in the water, you can swim faster using X. Be careful not to overuse this, lest your stamina run low and you drown.

    Surviving the Cold: Even in frigid climates, the heat of a campfire can help you warm. Holding a lit torch is another good way to stave off the cold.

    Targeting: Press ZL while near an enemy to target it. When locked on to something, you can freely circle around it.

    Temperature Changes: The temperature will change depending on your location and the time of day. It's a good idea to pay close attention to fluctuations in temperature when you're out roaming.

    Temperature Effects: Cold: Wear cold-resistant clothing or eat something that warms your body when adventuring in cold climates. Otherwise, the cold will slowly chip away at your health.

    Throwing Weapons: If your weapon is close to breaking, try throwing it at an enemy using ZL. It will double your damage if it hits!

    Time Flies: If you ever want to advance time, seek out a cozy campfire. There, you can pass the time until morning, noon, or night.

    Time Flies: Monsters thrive at nighttime, as do other things that can make adventuring dangerous. If you're low on hearts at night, find a campfire and lay low until morning.

    Tips and Tricks: Check this screen for hints that will surely aid you on your journey. The adventuring heart must never stop seeking knowledge!

    Treetops: The things you can do atop small trees are limited, but they have their uses. Use them to scout an area with your scope. It's a handy way to decide your next destination!

    Weapon Bonuses: Some weapons you'll come across have special properties that set them apart from others of their class, such as superior durability or above-average attack power.

    Weapon Durability: Durability varies with every weapon. Always be aware of the condition of your equipment. A weapon breaking at the wrong time is never a good thing.

    Whats's That Pooch?: If you befriend a dog, it may lead you to something interesting.

    Where's the Fire?: When a wooden weapon or shield catches fire, you can extinguish it by unequipping the burning item.

    Wolf Link: Wolf Link will stay still if you select Stay while locked on to him. Select Come while he's waiting to make him follow you again.
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