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    Nov 12, 2011
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    Skyward Sword is out and the next console Zelda game for the Wii U will probably take another 3-5 years. In the meantime we have the inevitable release of a Zelda title on the 3DS. What are your theories on how the game will be? Will it be a sequel to Skyward Sword or will it be something totally original?
  2. jakeyjake

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    Majora's mask. lol. I hope it's something awesome like that instead of using the bad cell shaded graphics from wind waker. I'll never forgive nintendo for that. And I'll never forget that gaming magazine that convinced me if I preordered twilight princess I'd get wind waker with twilight princess's graphics. D:
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    Enough ww bitching. So are you saying graphics are better in tp but gameplay better in ww? Every game is different. That is the way it should be.
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    I want a sequel to Phantom Hourglass that uses Wind Waker's gameplay.
    The whole being able to pick up anything and fight with it thing.
  5. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    Here we go, my list of predictions for the game:

    The game will start with you collecting three objects from a forest type dungeon, a fire type dungeon, and a water type dungeon.
    Upon finishing collecting these three items, a conflict will happen.
    Shortly after, you will find the Master Sword.
    You will then complete another 4 or 5 dungeons of varying length.
    You will have a showdown with Ganon.

    Pack in some exploration and side questing, and you have a Zelda game. You just pack in the story and art style around it. As for a sequel type deal, don't know, don't care. The DS titles sucked, so as long as they give you actual controls, it should all be fine.
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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I forgot
    Hopefully a 3D Zelda game, not another shitty top down DS title. They've proven they can put a 3D Zelda on the 3DS so I assume they might go along with that. What the story will be, I don't know. Perhaps it'll be a sequel to Wind Waker, maybe a sequel to Twilight Princess. We'll never really know until they release any info.

    What I personally want? A sequel to Skyward Sword, or at least something that takes place between then and Ocarina of Time. In fact, what I want is a side story on the construction/formation/story on how Hyrule and everything came to be. Sort of...how all of the factions separated, where they all came from, how the areas in Ocarina of Time got formed and split up etc etc. For a side story of Zelda, I don't think that would be to bad. But then again Nintendo isn't the best at making stories anyways.
  7. Valwin

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    May 11, 2011
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    well the 3DS Zelda hopefully wont be on rails like the phantom hourglass game not get me wrong i love the games but want to feel more freedom i say a brand new zelda still set on the WW timeline
  8. KingVamp

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    They should try some under water or/and alter dimension journey with a wind waker-like open world, with Majora's mask look (doesn't have to be exact) and gameplay
    MM sequel which slips another timeline. Have a balance between touch and traditional controls. How 'bout that experience?