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    I was kinda curious, is there any way to get the YSMenu system to boot an emulator by selecting its ROM direct from YSMenu?

    As it stands now if for instance I try to start a Gameboy Color ROM it tells me Slot 2 is Empty.

    What I am wondering is this is there a way to get it to point to an emulator on Slot 1 and not slot 2? I have attempted to change the paths in the config file but that however did not work.

  2. how_do_i_do_that

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    Emulator code would have to be part of the YSMenu code for you to be able to launch a rom directly.

    Moonshell has these features via plugins.

    As for your other option, that requires using the correct emulator.


    Use the stickys for emulators and Moonshell 2 here:
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