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    Sep 12, 2018
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    Returning to the scene after a loooooong time away. Lot's of catching up to do. I'm a n00b again!

    I have tons of gaming systems, all the way back to the 80's. I decided to pull them all out and start looking up new mods and hacks for them. I have not done a hack on a system since my 360 back on 2012....lol

    I have 3 slims and 2 fats I'm looking to see what hack updates I can do.

    1st is a Falcon, on D: 2.0.16202, already has the drive flashed. I don't run it online at all so I could care less about getting banned. I just want to save and run games from the HD without a disc if possible. Also to play movies off my NAS and run some emulators.

    2nd is a Jasper, on D: 2.0.16575, not modded at all. Again I want to get this running games off HD, not going to play it online. I prefer to use this as a cheap media center to watch movies off my NAS and run some emulators.

    My Slims I will work on later and JTAG if possible still.

    Just got done reading up a little. Looks like I need to JTAG the two Fats if I don't want to use discs at all. Any recommendations?
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    Welcome back to the site! I don't know anything about Xboxes :-p
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    Oct 11, 2011

    I'd suggest skimming through this thread.
    JTAG has been dead since >7371 so you'll have to resort to RGH.

    Edit: welcome to the temp!
  4. puss2puss

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    Dec 18, 2013
    welcome back to the scene , always fun to see some new people who still have interest in xbox360's modding! :)
    Once your 360 is hacked, i suggest installing FreestyleDash (FSD3) to install custom menus and display your temperatures (gpu, cpu, ram chips), and more..
    have fun !