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    Hey :)
    I have a couple of questions regarding PS3 Phat.. I have 2 consoles both now dead..

    One I have gave graphical errors/crazy green screens before freezing a number of times at the dash and then YLOD/RLOD. After reflowing the board and new paste it now turns on, hangs at green for about 10 seconds before 3x beep flashing red. Safe mode or display reset do not work. Any ideas?

    Also on another separate console I have after YLOD and a reflow of the board /new thermal paste it did not appear to work and still YLOD. Is there a limit on the number of times you can do that process? I saw a video to remove the IHS but I could not get the chip off at all (even broke the metal tool trying so gave up)


    Sorry this should be in Hardware my bad
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    No, strictly speaking, but it's not a long term fix in the first place: you're (unevenly and inefficiently) repositioning the original solder, but that may not fix pins that have lost connection, and certainly won't fix a cracked motherboard or chip...

    If it makes you feel better, at least it's not a Vaio FZ21M... that one cost three times the 599 U.S. DOLLARS of a PS3 and most of them broke faster than the PS3s that did :)
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    Have you tried replacing the thermal compound for the heatspreader? Also, you should use a heat gun on the IHS before removing it, it's a lot easier. Make sure not to nick the IHS; any imperfection: consider it bricked. I would only consider a reball as a last resort.
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    Just buy a working PS3 slim for $100. Save yourself countless hours of messing with those phats, and $100's potentially for reballing services, etc.