Yet another joystick issue thread

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    I have a 1000, and I recently dissassembled it and replaced the shell with a crappy, Chinese transparent aftermarket clear shell. I had joystick ghosting issues before this on the stock shell (which is actually exactly why I replaced the shell, so the joystick would stop constantly moving down), but the new shell seems to have made it worse. I tried joysens, but it just changes the directions and still has the ghosting. I replaced the joystick and got the same sort of inputs, which suggested to me it was the silicon contact.

    I have ordered a couple replacement ones but I want to be 100% sure I'm putting this contact on properly. I took the old one off to clean it, but it didn't do anything. I've forgotten how to put the contact on properly/how it should face and I couldn't find any instructions.

    TL;DR does anyone have a guide or some pictures on how to replace the silicon contact of a PSP 1000? ie which way it's supposed to face, and how it's meant to be cleaned?

    God, what a bad design, I have no idea why they didn't just do a ribbon cable connection from the start like they did with the later models.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: turns out it was the shell I bought - this is just a warning not to buy certain aftermarket shells. It didn't fit entirely right, which put uneven weight on the joystick. This lead to ghosting and drifting.
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