Yet another Ez 3 in 1 thread.

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    So. I'm about to finally take the plunge and order this thing. All the reviews I am finding are really old and are most likely irrelevant at this point in time.

    My specific situation is using it for the Pokemon games. I understand theres a bit of patching I'll need to do to my Platinum rom, as well as my Ruby/Saphire/Emerald, etc roms. I'm cool with that, and am fairly comfortable with finding these patches and info (unless someone has it bookmarked, that'd be real sweet!)

    I honestly don't care about many other games, but it would be nice to be able to play those as well. I don't plan on using the browser, ever. I don't care about using it as an expansion for the DS slot for anything.

    I'm just really confused, everywhere I read I hear about all these different save options and stuff...I'm used to my CycloDS and my TTDS which I don't have to mess with to save. Can someone explain it in noob terms to me?

    I wanted to get the Supercard that has GBA emulation, but I want to be able to import my Pokemon from the GBA to the DS :/

    Thanks for any help!

    OH! One last question...I know people like to boot the 3 in 1 from their DS cart, but can it also be loaded from the DS menu? (meaning how you'd normally select GBA game)