Xwhite-linux v0.2 With GUI

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    Jul 25, 2008
    Features in the first version (0.1):
    - (almost) everything also in whiite linux (I stripped a few things to save some space)
    - working Xorg, using nuvalo's 'cube' driver (as discussed here).
    - Fluxbox windowmanager
    - wiimote input (libcwiid + fastsync patch)
    - SMB / CIFS support (useful for mounting your media NAS)
    - some useful apps preinstalled (mplayer, vlc, opera, firefox)
    - a nice look & feel
    - uses less than 512M on disk

    New features in xwhiite 0.2:
    - VNC server
    - VNC client
    - Microsoft remote desktop client
    - iPod integration via gtkpod: use your wii+ipod as jukebox!
    - on-screen keyboard
    - swap enabled (32MB - uses a local swapfile included in the package, no need to setup an extra partition)
    - sshfs support
    - a bunch of other small improvements and cleanups. The entire dist still fits on a 512MB SD card.

    The package is available for download here:
    - http://www.ben64.com/debian-etch-4.0...2.tar.bz2.html (thanks Ben64!)

    Installation instructions:
    - Use the existing installation guide for whiite as provided on gc-linux.org.
    - Instead of the debian/whiite filesystem package, use my filesystem package (in the download links above).
    - Make sure you use tar, as root, to extract the package contents. If you don't, chances are the filesystem isn't installed correctly, and you system will fail to boot.
    - Also make sure you use isobel's latest kernel (2.6.27b) instead of the stock kernel provided in the kernel package. This is also described in the installation guide.

    - The xorg config in the package is set up for PAL 50 resolution by default (640x576). If you're on an NTSC wii, you might need to change the modeline or resolution in /etc/x11/xorg.conf to 640x480. You can also use this site to calculate a custom modeline.
    - Currently only usb LAN is supported. So if you want network connectivity, you'll have to use the Nintendo LAN adapter or an other compatible usb network adapter.

    If you have any questions regarding the installation or usage, just post them in this thread.

    Note: this will probably be the last xwhiite release, as it will be superseded by Muzer's dist Miight soon. Miight will feature more functionality and easier installation than xwhiite. I'm possibly teaming up with Muzer (and a few others) to work on the development of Miight together. Expect to hear more about that soon
    In the meanwhile: have fun with xwhiite 0.2!

    Source : Tehskeen
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    Oct 27, 2008
    WOO it's out

    Still no wifi though
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    Links are broken, but great news indeed. [​IMG]
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    Jul 25, 2008
    Links are Ok now :-)
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    Somewhere in USA
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    You can make a tutorial with images?