[XenobladeX] - Offline Patch (Texture Hack)

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    This patch replaces the offline symbol with a blank and transparent texture. It is tested with Ver. 1.0.1E of Xenoblade Chronicles X on both cemu and a real wii u.


    What do I need?
    A dump of XenobladeX (I recommend ddd)
    This .zip file attached to this post
    a .cpk extractor/repacker (for example CriFileSystem)

    How do I install it?
    1. Extract the menu.cpk from the content folder
    2. Replace "menu/bmn/(YourLanguage)/system_offline_00.bmn" with the new "system_offline_00.bmn"
    3. Rebuild menu.cpk
    4. Load the file via cafiine or replace the old menu.cpk to load with cemu

    Is this compatible with the Undub patcher?
    It should be if you do it correctly.

    Does this work with other regions?

    Likely, but I didn't test it yet.

    Why should I use this?
    If the servers ever shut down, if you want to mess around with XCXGecko without risk of getting banned and if you want to play in 4k using cemu.

    Can you release your texture editor for XenobladeX?
    You want it?

    Is it WiFi-Safe?
    While I don't fully understand the appeal of using this online, there is no risk of getting banned.

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