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    Today i received my Crystal Xbox,

    I purchased it already modded. The Seller says it has an "Xecuter 2" Modchip (turns out it's an Aladdin Advanced, see below) installed, but it hasn't been used in quite a long time, so i wonder if maybe there is a better dashboard released that i might want to use.

    I am mostly interrested in using it as a games-system for xbox-games and emulators.

    How would i go about updating my modchip/dashboard and how can i transfer games from PC to my XBOX?

    If someone could help me or link me to some tutorials on the matter, i would really appreciate that.

    EDIT: Today i opened up my XBOX and all the capacitors seem fine.
    I also found the Modchip and was quite surprised, since it definitely isn not an Xecuter chip, Its an Aladdin Advanced. No idea what that chip even does. Help would be appreciated.

    Image of chip:
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    Well, other then running Slayers CD to completely format the C and E and other drives to start all fresh.
    You won't have to do much ;p.

    I suggest you'd install UnleashX as your main dash.
    As for copying games to the Xbox, use Filezilla.
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    Just a heads up, I ran into random authentication problems and the connection dropping every time I used Filezilla. Now I've used Filezilla for other purposes with no errors but for some reason each time I went to transfer a game it would either start copying and drop the connection or some other strangeness would occur. Just a heads up if you run into this, you can try to use FlashFXP instead. I know it's proprietary but it should be a tiny bit more reliable.

    As for the dash, you need to get it up to date by running an xbox live game that is bundled with an update. Conker Live and Reloaded installs version 5960, the last xbox dash released, when starting it's multiplayer. (Even though the servers are down this forced update is contained in the game disc itself)

    More about xbox modding here:
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