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  1. muhamad520

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    Jan 18, 2007
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    I cant decide whethet to get a ps3 or xbox 360. Ive always liked sony products becuase of the controll and the console it self looks good i think. I would get the ps3 but since it hasnt been hacked yet im wondering if i should just get an xbox 360. to anyone who has an xbox 360 that is hacked is it hard to do.

    Graphics dont matter i think they both look pretty good

    Ive herd of flashing the firmware and i think ive seen some modchips if i do get an xbox would it be hard to play back ups?

    also would hacking it be expensive, ive seen some thing called blaster 360 for like 70 dollars

    Should i wait til the ps3 gets a CustomFirmware or just settle with the xbox?

    any advice would be useful so please comment!
  2. martin88

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    Dec 18, 2005
    Another topic on this? We already have too many.
  3. MC DUI

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    Yes it is fairly simple to hack the 360, no you don't need the blaster mod.

    Between my 360 and PS3 I play my 360 way more often, lots more games.

    Who cares what the console looks like...
  4. golden

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    Dec 1, 2007
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    Xbox 360 hands down. There is no telling when the PS3 scene will actually arise, part of the slowness is because of the pricing and lack of interest in the console itself. I say go with the 360 as it has already been hacked and it has proven itself a successful console to homebrew enthusiasts and gamers alike, something the PS3 has yet to do or ever will.