Xbox 360 isnt connecting...

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    Well i went to readioshack today and bought a switch because my Router only has one Ethernet port and that for my PC internet. So it finnaly figure out how to set it all up and i get on my xbox and its fine. I go over to my computer to activate my Xbox live card, but my internet isnt conencted. I check all the connections and their fine. My dad comes over and does something and now my internet is working but my Xbox live isnt getting a ip adress. So i try manually adding it and doest work. It says that maybe my Router is filtering out my consoles MAC adress.

    thats my problem. ow do i unfilter my XB360's MAC adress? Ny router is a Motorola SBV5220.
    My switch is a Netgear 5 port ethernet switch.
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    Your 360 needs the MAC Address to connect to LIVE. Otherwise it won't work. It's easy to find it though. Just open up a Command Prompt and type "ipconfig/all" and find it. Sometimes the MAC Address is named Physical Address. My friend had a similar problem connecting to live without the MAC Address and we finally figured it out. =) You can also enter all your other settings too.