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Discussion in 'Microsoft Xbox' started by TrolleyDave, May 31, 2011.

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    Recently I acquired a couple of old Xbox's which I softmodded and put XBMC4Xbox on there. It's all working like a charm, and what a top media player it makes. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a few things. What's a good site to find usable skins? I've tried some and all the ones I install tell me there's a version mismatch. Also what about a site for decent plugins/scripts? I've used the official downloader but most of the plugins are now defunct. So far I've only gotten Apple Trailers, iPlayer and Mythbusters to work. A working YouTube one would be nice. The Tech Updater doesn't seem to work any more either. Does anyone know if an autoupdater script or plugin is available? I set one of the Xbox's up underneath my parents telly so it would be nice if they could update it from the Xbox itself.
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    just go to the official site its still up with a few skins and plugins


    ok ask if you need more links and info....