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    [​IMG] X-Soft v5.0

    The XP style shell for the NDS, X-Soft, has received an update. This shell includes a paint app, note pad style app, media player, and more.

    Change Log:
    -Gum and color In the Paint program.
    -Thickness of the stylus to draw in Paint, press R to increase the area and reduce L, you can see the increase in details above.
    -You can select all the programs start.
    -Now you can put whatever you type in a notepad txt and you can change the color of the letter with the right and left arrows.
    -Added the map of Andalusia, and you can view a gif that you want in a new option is called "the map".
    -You can play any song in the folder Xsoft / data / sfx. My pc can find the settings for the application you can choose whether you want to see the mouse, if you want to put the merits of fat or not, or in a Windows environment, soft-X or Linux.
    -You can change money just by changing the file Xsoft bin / data / bg image and convert the others.

    [​IMG] Download
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    Which formats does this support for media?
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