Would Rock Band 2 Work?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by kkyz13, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Dec 28, 2008
    Hello, my first post here. Been lurking for quite some time, learning bits and pieces, but now I would like to seek help from those familiar with the Wiikey 1.9.

    I plan to buy a legit copy of Rock Band 2 US for the Wii, but from all the research gathered, I fear it may load to a black screen. Mainly because my Wii is a JP Wii with everything Japanese. I plan to take some actions to make it playable, but region changing I feel is a last resort because my whole library of games are mostly JP, and I really like Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM. [​IMG]

    A few facts though, could be helpful to others:

    Guitar Hero III Legit works perfectly on my Wii, and still works at 3.3J. The guitar works perfect, Wiimote makes awful sounds when missing notes.

    Rock Band 2 is reported to support all forms of instruments made for the Wii. That's good, GHIII guitar would probably work.

    Rock Band 2 itself, contains a patch to allow the Wii to recognize the Drums and Guitars and Mic that come with the game. The update would not brick the console from what I gathered.

    Somewhat like Rock Band 1, which have similar symptoms (and developers); Rock Band 2 should contains some anti-piracy checks, it would block out the usage of Guitars and Drums when loaded through a loader like GeckoOS. It would load to black screen in some cases when it detects a wrong region.

    Rock Band 2 has an online shop option coming soon, though I have no idea if a different region system can access it.

    So I really really want to play it.

    First idea is to use a loader, like GeckoOS, but from reading, and looking at Rock Band 1, the guitar and drum won't work. I think.

    2nd is to use a menu loader and boot the US IOS, but I'm rather unfamiliar with it (would play with it when I got the time).

    3rd is to unleash the last resort and change, downgrade, and completely turnaround, region change to a US region. This poses many questions, namely would my Wiikey 1.9 still function? Is the Wiikey region free or must I use config discs to change the Wiikey Region Config? I get conflicting reports all over the place, saying the Wiikey 1.9 is region free and not region free. Let's answer this!

    TLDR; Would Wiikey 1.9 be good enough to run Rock Band 2? I don't want to spend so much to just get a game that doesn't function.